Trump To Visit African American Museum On MLK Day, Get An Education About John Lewis


Congressman, Civil Rights Icon Fought To Build Facility For 3 Decades

Presdient-elect Donald Trump is expected to visit the National African American Museum to mark Martin Luther King Day on Monday, ABC News is reporting (above). 

Ironically, the creation of the African American Museum was championed by Georgia Democratic Congressman John Lewis, whom Trump attacked on Twitter Saturday morning, resulting in a firestorm of criticism. 

Lewis first introduced a proposal for the African American Museum in 1988, the year after he was sworn in to Congress. He continued to introduce the bill for decades before the museum finally opened last year, The Washington Post reported. Lewis is also featured in the museum's exhibits. 

During an emotional speech at the museum's opening, Lewis proclaimed, "We did it!"

"As these doors open, it is my hope that each and every person who visits this beautiful museum will walk away deeply inspired, filled with a greater respect for the dignity and the worth of every human being and a stronger commitment to the ideals of justice, equality and true democracy," Lewis said. 

Some observers have suggested that when Trump launched his Twitter attack, he may not have been fully aware of Lewis' status as a civil rights icon — a Freedom Rider and MLK associate who was beaten by police and arrested dozens of times. Perhaps after Monday, he'll better understand why the attack didn't go over so well.