Author Snubs Texas Legislature In 1st Boycott Over “Nonsense” Bathroom Bill


Rick Riordan Of "Percy Jackson" Fame Won't Attend "Celebration Of Authors"

Just days after Texas' highly anticipated anti-transgender bathroom bill was introduced, it has already resulted in its first boycott of the Lone Star State. 

Rick Riordan (pictured), a Texas native and author of the popular Percy Jackson and the Olympians children's books, announced on Twitter Friday (above) that he won't be accepting an invitation to attend the state Legislature's "Celebration of Authors" event.

"Just turned down an invite to be honored by TX state legislature as a Texas author," Riordan wrote. "If they want to honor me, they could stop this nonsense."

Needless to say, Riordan's boycott is likely to be the first of many if Senate Bill 6 passes.

Based on data from other states including North Carolina, the Texas Association of Business recently conducted a study which found that anti-LGBT legislation would cost Texas' economy up to $8.5 billion and 185,000 jobs.  

But the bathroom bill's chief proponent, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, has dismissed the chamber's study as "fear-mongering."