WATCH: New Movie Incorporates Homophobic Stereotypes to Tell Anti-Gay Adoption Story


A new movie in Mexico is causing a stir for portraying gay people as party loving, unfaithful, promiscuous, and unfit to be parents. 

Mexico’s Supreme Court has been ruling in favor of LGBT equality lately. In June 2015, they gave a "jurisprudential thesis" that effectively made same-sex marriage legal throughout the country. Two months later, they struck down a law that prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children. But winning in the court of law and winning in public opinion are two different things.

Immediately after the marriage equality ruling, people saw a backlash with increased violence and numerous protests, some even led by priests. Now, Christian filmmaker Francisco del Toro is taking the anti-LGBT message to movie theaters in hopes of keeping the hate going.

Del Toro’s controversial new film, Pink, is basically propaganda against gay people and their families. The slogan for the movie is “Gay adoption… right or wrong?” but Del Toro fills the movie with stereotypes instead of facts in an obvious attempt to try to convince the audience that “wrong” is the only answer.

The movie tells the story of two men who adopt a child together. Their son begins to experience confusion about his own sexual orientation after being exposed to numerous over the top, stereotypical characters in the LGBT community. The boy also gets bullied and rejected by his classmates and he doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. "Why do all of the children have a papa and a mama, and I have two papas?" he’s seen crying in a pivotal scene from the trailer.  

Miraculously, one of the gay dads eventually repents after reading the Bible and rejects the "gay lifestyle," while the other dad refuses to change and as a result, contracts AIDS. The storyline is extremely offensive, but the filmmaker insists he is not homophobic. Like many right wing Christian extremists claim, he’s just “looking after the children.”

"Children shouldn't be trophies for the gay movement. The interests of the child should prevail in adoption," del Toro said. His lack of knowledge and animosity towards the LGBT community is obvious though in his other statements.

"Of course, a child adopted by gays can become homosexual because a child absorbs the behavior and customs of the home like a sponge," he said completely ignoring the fact that gay people never seem to “absorb” their parent’s heterosexuality like a sponge.

The logic behind his statement is ridiculous.

A petition was started by Mauricio Delgado in an attempt to have the film removed from theaters. "The film is rife with stereotypes and clichés that promote stigmatization of the LGBTI community," he said. As of today, the petition has gathered nearly 15 thousand signatures.


Image: Screenshot via Armagedon Film's Facebook page