Gov. McCrory: LGBT Groups Are Waging ‘Coordinated National Effort’ to ‘Slander’ North Carolina


North Carolina Governor Ensuring He Becomes Face of His Anti-LGBT Law 

Gov. Pat McCrory's office on Monday issued a strongly accusatory statement claiming that LGBT and civil rights groups and the media are trying to "slander" North Carolina. The comments are in response to a lawsuit filed early Monday morning in federal court challenging the North Carolina Republican first term governor's law that voids LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances in nine locales and prevents any town, city, or county from enacting LGBT protection ordinances.

“The governor respects the right of any legal challenges; however, he does not respect the continued distortion of the facts by the groups challenging this law and by many members of the state and national media,” the governor’s press secretary, Graham Wilson, said in a statement.

“To counter a coordinated national effort to mislead the public, intimidate our business community and slander our great state, the governor will continue to set the record straight on a common sense resolution to local government overreach that imposed new regulations on businesses that intruded into the personal lives of our citizens,” that statement continues. Governor McCrory issued a grossly misleading set of FAQs that is filled with half-truths last week.

“The non-discrimination policies in place today in cities like Raleigh, Greensboro and Asheville and in every business in North Carolina are the same as they were last month and last year.”

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The governor, who is running for re-election, challenging his detractors.

“Where was this coordinated outrage and media attention when the original bathroom ordinance was defeated in Charlotte just last year?,” he asked. (For the record, NCRM published several articles on Charlotte's attempt last year to pass an NDO.)
“The governor looks forward to cheering for the UNC Tar Heels in the NCAA Final Four being played in Houston, a city that defeated a similar bathroom ordinance referendum last year with over 61% of the vote,” his snarky statement adds.



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