Bishop Orders Catholic Charities to Fire Gala Singer Because She Is in a Same-Sex Relationship


North Carolina Singer Fired After Performing at Asheville Fundraiser for Two Years

Kat Williams won't be singing on Saturday. The North Carolina singer has performed at the Asheville Gala of Hope fundraiser for the past two years, but when the Catholic Church learned from a 2013 magazine article that she is in a same-sex relationship they ordered Catholic Charities to fire her.

"Marriage can only be between one man and one woman," Catholic Diocese of Charlotte's director of communications David Hains told WLOS. "Because Ms. Williams chooses to be in a relationship that's different from that, it really makes it inappropriate for her to perform for us."

"We, as a Catholic organization, have the right to represent our faith and what we're doing essentially is exercising that right," Hains added.

Williams says "the sad part they're doing it in the name of god. And I'm having a problem with that."

On Facebook, Williams explained what happened:

On March 1, 2016 I was notified by Gerry Carter ( Executive Director Catholic Charities Charlotte) that per Bishop Peter Jugis (Charlotte Diocese) that my services were not needed at the Asheville Gala of Hope March 12, 2016 ( a fundraising event I've performed at for the last 2yrs.). When I asked "Why?", Gerry's silence was deafening. I asked him just to be honest with me. He stated Bishop Jurgis read an article in Verve Magazine where I said "I have been married to my partner for seven years" and for that reason the Bishop will not need my services.

She adds she's "afraid for members of his congregation that are afraid to live their authentic lives or the what if they came to Bishop Jurgis or his church with the question of whether they're gay?"

"There are two things in my life I didn't choose, to be Black and to be gay! I am proud to be both," Williams wrote, "and want our North Carolina religious community to stand with the teachings of Christ - love, forgiveness, tolerance and inclusion."

And she adds that she doesn't "want people to retaliate or put forth any negativity. I'd like us as a community to approach this issue with Love, Compassion and Grace."

WLOS reports the "Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte says its decision is nothing personal against Williams."


Hat tip: Religion News Service