Watch This Delightful Video of a Couple Describing How They Got Engaged – in the Treetops


National Geographic explorer and his fiancé tell their heartwarming tale of love in the trees.

Couples often tell their stories of the moment they got engaged, but this tale features one of the most unique settings: the tree tops of a Panamanian forest.

Ecologist and National Geographic explorer Kevin McLean earned a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship and now researches "how animals move through the canopy of the rainforest," his LinkedIn profile says. He and Dan Aeschliman, now engaged to be married, tell this moving story of how they both chose the perfect moment to propose marriage.

McLean "studies and documents little-known arboreal mammals by setting up video camera traps in neotropical forest canopies," National Geographic explains. He invited his long-term boyfriend Dan to visit, and as they were in the forest, Kevin climbed a tree, set up a camera, then Dan climbed up.

Even though Kevin was ready to propose, Dan, seizing the "magical moment," proposed first. Kevin was "surprised," but kept his composure. But he was determined to propose too – after Kevin did.

A delightful story –and congratulations to the happy couple!


Image: Screenshot via National Geographic