Twitter Is Furious: #Nerdland Trumps Chris Christie After Melissa Harris-Perry’s Show Shafted


Popular MSNBC Host Walks Off Show After Not Knowing If She's Been Canceled

Twitter right now is exploding in fury after The New York Times revealed that Melissa Harris-Perry's show may – or may not – have been canceled. The story was based on inquiries from media reporters wondering why Harris-Perry's show just wasn't on anymore, and had been pre-empted several times over the past few months without explanation, and on a private email Harris-Perry had sent to her MSNBC staff.

EARLIER: Melissa Harris Perry Doesn't Know If Her Show Has Been Canceled Because MSNBC Is A Disaster

That email, which was subsequently published on Medium, suggests ever so gently that that poor and disrespectful treatment she's received from MSNBC bosses – including emails asking if she's been canceled that never received a response – might be yet another example of institutional racism.

Twitter increasing seems to think so.

Mashable's politics editor:

And others:

Harris-Perry, who is Black, excels at discussing race in America, along with LGBT – especially transgender – issues and civil rights, and boldly invites guests who speak in depth on issues no one else covers. Her show, like its namesake, is exceptionally intelligent, instructive, educational, exciting, fun, and daring.

Experts agree that MSNBC's treatment of its weekend star is disturbing, abhorrent, and unethical.

Here's what CNN's Brian Stelter, who reports on the media, had to say:

He also offered this comment on Harris-Perry's letter to her staff:

But the feeling seems to be that not only is MSNBC's treatment of Harris-Perry abhorrent and unethical, but possibly misogynistic and racist, and revealing that the network wants to silence the voices of Black people during an election year:

The fury is so strong that #Nerdland, the hashtag that united MHP's viewers, is actually not only trending, but trumping Chris Christie, which has been the big story of the day:


Many others have flooded Twitter with support for Harris-Perry, and anger at MSNBC:


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