The Daily Show Talks To Bankrupt ‘Starbucks Semen’ Pastor, And The LGBT Group Bidding For His Church


Hilarious interview with the NYC pastor whose attacks on LGBT people include the claim 'Jesus Would Stone Homos' and the head of an LGBT homeless youth center who's trying to buy the church.

Pastor James David Manning runs Harlem's homophobic ATLAH church, which he has successfully turned into an anti-gay hate group, while unsuccessfully keeping the collection plates full. The building dates back to the late 1880s, and was first first founded as a church in 1957. Manning took over in 1981, but only in the past few years has he received national attention for his hate speech.

"Jesus would stone homos," the illegally-erected sign outside his church building once read. Other, similar attacks on gay people have been emblazoned upon it. 

Manning has also claimed his local Harlem Starbucks is ground zero for Ebola because they add the semen of "sodomites" to add special flavor to their lattes.

Jessica Williams of "The Daily Show" went back to once again interview Pastor Manning, in an episode that aired Tuesday night. Manning made sure to continue his anti-gay attacks, throwing in claims that gay people are moving into Harlem for "Black meat," then using the term "jungle fever."

Manning wrongly claims the more than $1 million in arrears and fines against his church are the result of a campaign by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration, and again reiterated that gay people will not take over his church building until they give birth to babies out of their asses.

Afterwards, Williams talked with Carl Siciliano, the head of the Ali Forney Center, which is trying to raise enough money to buy the church at a foreclosure auction. He wants to turn the building into an LGBT homeless youth center.

You can donate to the Ali Forney Center and help take hate out of Harlem.

No doubt, Jesus would approve.



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Image: Screenshot via Comedy Central