Ted Cruz Just Blocked A Bipartisan Bill That Would Give Flint Millions To Rebuild Water Supply


Stunning Move Comes Two Weeks Before Michigan Primary

Ted Cruz is reclaiming his mantle of destroying government to save America, and it's as effective as it's always been, which is to say, not at all. Unless the Texas Tea Party Senator is aiming to lose in Michigan's March 8 primary, his move today will go down in history as more evidence that his campaign is about to implode.

Cruz just singlehandedly blocked – put a hold on – a bipartisan bill that will provide millions of dollars to Flint, Michigan to rebuild its lead-infested drinking water supply infrastructure. He literally is helping to further destroy the health and lives of the residents of Flint.

Last time Cruz did anything about the crisis in the Vehicle City, he sent bottled water, but only to crisis pregnancy centers – those anti-abortion "charities" that often lie to women to convince them to not get abortions, at a time they are often most vulnerable.

Way to take a stand, Senator!

"Without naming Cruz, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a lead negotiator on the Flint aid package," Politico reports today, "acknowledged a hold was preventing it from coming to the floor, but Inhofe said he was hopeful the impasse could be resolved."

Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow berated her Texas colleague.

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“We have heard that and not a very smart move for a man who’s going to be in a primary in Michigan on March 8," Stabenow said. “And in Michigan this is a hugely bipartisan nonpartisan issue that everybody cares about.”

Democrats have been so insistent to providing Flint the resources it desperately needs, they agreed to "deep cuts to an advanced vehicle manufacturing loan program," one that Stabenow herself helped forge.

Cruz is rumored to have placed the hold on the legislation so he can study it in more depth, which is GOP doublespeak for Cruz saying he wants attention and a way for voters to remember him as the one who shut down the government in 2013.

Now, they certainly will.

Right Wing Watch notes Cruz "also opposed aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy," but when it comes to his home state of Texas, that's entirely a different matter.

Cruz pushed for aid "last year following deadly floods in Texas, and in 2013 he demanded aid after an explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant."



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