Pat Robertson to Donald Trump: ‘You Inspire Us All’ (Video)


Multi-Billionaire GOP Frontrunner Embraces Multi-Millionaire Televangeist as 'One of the Great People'

The hypocrisy from the religious right is now beyond astonishing.

Donald Trump, whose Christian faith is questionable at best, and whose words and actions are anything but what Jesus inspired, was recently endorsed by Jerry Falwell, Jr., the son of the founder of Liberty University and the virulently anti-gay Moral Majority, televangelist and evangelical Baptist preacher.

Trump yesterday claimed, by accident or intent, that Falwell, Jr., now the head of Liberty University, has "been with us from the beginning," which would be a surprise to many, given Trump's positions.

But if the religious right establishment is good at anything, it's good at embracing money, and Donald Trump has a lot of it.

While Falwell is not his father, his positions clearly fall not far from the tree. 

And it should not come as a surprise that one of the last remaining old-time televangelists, Pat Robertson, essentially just endorsed Donald Trump also.

Trump was invited to speak at a town hall at Robertson's Regent University today.

Trump, addressing the audience, introduced Robertson as "our great friend," and one of “the most amazing people in the whole country,” as Right Wing Watch reported.

The two embraced, and Robertson then told Trump “you inspire us all.”

Robertson failed to mention what it is about Trump that inspires us all.

Is it his racism? Narcissism? His lying? His misogyny? His extreme nationalism and xenophobia? His attacks on Mexicans? His inciting of violence? His inability to quote from the Bible? His bullying? His immaturity?

Perhaps on the next episode of the "700 Club," Pat will let us all know.


Image: Screenshot via The Christian Broadcasting Network/YouTube