Sanders And Clinton Wage Twitter Battle Over What ‘Progressive’ Is


DNC Sanctions 4 More Debates – Democratic Race For White House Heats Up Ahead Of Thursday's New Hampshire Debate

Voters in New Hampshire will have to deal with the onslaught of about a dozen presidential candidates and hundreds (if not thousands) of news media professionals traipsing through the Granite State for the next week. The New Hampshire primary is November 9, but the DNC has now officially sanctioned Thursday night's Democratic debate, after both candidates got some if not most of their demands met.

Clinton and Sanders will meet one-on-one Thursday. In March they will debate in Flint, Michigan. In April, in Pennsylvania, and in May in California. Instead of the six originally planned debates, there will now be ten.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders launched a series of tweets Wednesday afternoon apparently aimed for Hillary Clinton. In them, the Vermont Senator seems to say that he's a "real progressive" and the former Secretary of State is a progressive only on "some days."

Take a look:

Clinton responded on the campaign trail and then her campaign did via Twitter: