Twitter Explodes When Carson Says He’ll Look at ‘Fruit Salad of Their Life’ to Decide SCOTUS Nominee


Ben Carson explains at the GOP debate, exactly how he will determine who the best candidate for the Supreme Court is.

Ben Carson was asked at Thursday night's GOP debate what criteria he would use to choose a nominee for the Supreme Court, how he would evaluate the record of a potential candidate.

The question was based on same-sex marriage and choosing a candidate that would be a true conservative. Carson, after his usual attack on same-sex marriage, calling it "extra rights," came up with this response: 

"I would look at what a person's life has been," Carson said. "What have they done in the past, what kind of judgments have they made, what kind of association have they had. That will tell you a lot more than an interview will tell you," Carson claimed.

"The fruit salad of their life is what I will look at," he concluded, sparking immediate mockery and hysterics on Twitter. 


And, finally, THIS: