Anti-Gay Group Raises $45,550 For LGBT School Dance – By Accident


Haters Campaign Backfires – Now Funds Same-Sex Gender Diverse Formal For LGBTQI Teens

A tiny anti-gay Facebook group called the Stop Safe Schools Coalition asked its 700 or so fans to buy up all the tickets to an Australian LGBTQI teen organization's annual dance, so the "youth will not be able to attend." And they did. $45,550 has poured into the coffers of Minus 18, to fund their Same-Sex Gender Diverse Formal. 

"Stop this madness before it consumes every area of education and all your child gets at school is indoctrination, not education," the anonymously-led Stop Safe Schools Coalition urged, as Business Insider reports.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-19_at_8.41.08_AM.jpgUnforunately for the anti-gay group of haters there are an unlimited number of "tickets," which are really just donations to fund the dance, which is open to all. "Everyone is welcome regardless of identity, allies included, as long as everyone is being friendly and respectful!"

Minus 18, which was founded in 1998, says it is "Australia's largest youth-led organisation for same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people." 

On February 13 Minus 18 excitedly announced they had raised $1000 in their first 48 hours of fundraising. As of now, that figure, according to their crowdfunding website,  is $45,550.

"THANKS to the generous support of the entire community, the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal 2016: Victoria will be FREE for all young people to attend," they said yesterday, fully realizing where the funds had come from.

They've also promised they "will not let hate win."



Image, top, via Facebook