Santorum: We Won’t Fix The Economy Until All Children Have Heterosexual Parents (Video)


Rick Santorum sure has some unique ideas about economics.

Rick Santorum was asked by a Fox Business moderator about the rise in single mothers, saying studies show children generally do better "with two parents," so naturally the former Pennsylvania Senator decided to take a swing at same-sex families during tonight's GOP Debate.

"Should the government be doing anything about family formation?," the Fox Business moderator asked.

"You know we've had this debate about the economy," was Santorum's response.

He then launched into a rant about children of single parents growing up in single parent neighborhoods and going to single parent schools and not performing well, and blamed it on political correctness.

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Santorum, who is hovering between zero and two percent in both national and battleground state polling, said the American economy won't be fixed until every child has a "mom and dad" who love them.

Santorum then told the audience that the president should use the bully pulpit to launch a national campaign to "rebuild the American family." He insisted the economy will not be fixed until "every child" has "its birthright, which is a mom and a dad who loves them. That will change this economy."

Note Santorum didn't say "parents."


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Image: Screenshot via Fox Business/Twitter