Marco Rubio: ‘I Always Allow My Faith To Influence Everything I Do’ (Video)


'My Goal Is To Live In Eternity With My Creator' Florida Senator Says At GOP Debate

Marco Rubio made sure Iowans knew he is a man of deep religious faith during Thursday night's Fox News GOP presidential debate. The junior senator from Florida who is consistently polling in third place both nationally and in the early primary states mentioned his Christian beliefs every chance he could. 

Asked about a 2013 TIME magazine cover that once proclaimed him the savior of the Republican party, Rubio found yet another opportunity to find Jesus. 

"Well, let me be clear about one thing," Rubio said caustically. "There's only one savior and it's not me. It's Jesus Christ who came down to Earth and died for our sins and so I've always made that clear about that cover story."

Apparently, his campaign liked his answer so much they tweeted it during the debate:

Then later, Rubio launched into an almost minute-long rant at one point, effectively telling the audience he will defy the Constitution in favor of Christianity every time, because his goal is to live with God forever.

"I think if you do not understand our Judeo-Christian values are one of the reasons America is such a special country, you don't understand our history," Rubio, literally, preached. "You see, why are we one of the most generous people in the world, no, the most generous people in the world?," he asked, rhetorically.

"Why do Americans contribute millions of dollars to charity? It is not because of the tax write-off. It's because in this nation, we are influenced by Judeo-Christian values that teach us to care for the less fortunate, reach out to the needy, to love our neighbor," he said.

"This is what's made our nation so special and you should hope that our next president is someone that is influenced by their faith, because if your faith causes you to care for the less fortunate, it is something you want to see in your public figures. And when I'm president, I can tell you this, my faith will not just influence the way I'll govern as president, it will influence the way I live my life. Because in the end, my goal is not simply to live on this Earth for 80 years but to live an eternity with my creator. I will always allow my faith to influence everything I do."

Of course, Rubio's obsession with Jesus is frightening. 

He says, "if your faith causes you to care for the less fortunate, it is something you want to see in your public figures."

I'd say, if you need the fear of God to cause you to care for the less fortunate, you really aren't – you're caring about yourself. And, like Rubio, you're working not with a goal to live a good and decent life on earth, but trying to make sure you get to heaven.

And someone obsessed with going to heaven may get there sooner rather than later, and if that someone has the nuclear launch codes and sees everything as a religious equation, they may decide to take the rest of us with them.