Chris Christie Turns Kim Davis Question Into Answer About ISIS (Video)


At GOP Debate Trailing NJ Governor Morphs Fight For 'Religious Liberty' Into Fight Against 'Radical Islamic Jihadists'

The topic of Kim Davis managed to make its way into the GOP debate Thursday night, in the form of a question to Chris Christie. What the New Jersey governor did with it was rather astonishing.

"Governor Christie, you said she must follow the law or be moved to another job in keeping with her conscience, but some conservatives say that would violate her religious liberty," Fox News host Chris Wallace posited.

“What I said, Chris, is the law needs to be followed, and that someone in that office has to do their job,” Christie said. “So, if Ms. Davis wanted to step aside and get rid of her ability to be able to do that, there should be someone else in that office, who it didn’t violate their conscience so they could follow the law of the state of Kentucky.”

“I never said that Ms. Davis should either lose her job or that she had to do it, but what I did say was that the person who came in for the license needed to get it,” Christie added.

In truth, what Christie had said was that Davis should be given another job, despite the fact that hers is an elected position. Last September, he said, "we should move her to another job inside the government."

Regardless, his next comments are what really had people talking.

“Here’s the problem with what’s going on around the world: The radical Islamic jihadists, what they want to do is impose their faith upon each and every one of us, and the reason why this war against them is so important is that very basis of religious liberty,” Christie said, in a stunning switch that had heads spinning.

“They want everyone in this country to follow their religious beliefs the way they do. They do not want us to exercise religious liberty. That’s why as commander-in-chief, I will take on ISIS, not only because it keeps us safe, but because it allows us to absolutely conduct our religious affairs that way we find in our heart and our souls.”


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Image: Screenshot via Fox News/Twitter 
Hat tip: Chris Johnson/Washington Blade