Franklin Graham Goes To Russia, Praises Putin, Slams America, Attacks Obama, Denigrates Gay People


Gays 'Take Other People’s Children' 

Remember the hatred spewed on the Dixie Chicks when they went overseas and said they were ashamed President Bush was from Texas? Franklin Graham just went to Russia and said horrible things about America, President Obama, and gay people – but not a peep of outrage from conservatives.

In 2003, just before America invaded Iraq, the Dixie Chicks gave a concert in London. During one song, "Travelin' soldier," lead singer Natalie Maines told the audience, "Just so you know, we're on the good side with y'all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas."

That comment, a negative remark about the President of the United States on foreign soil, drew such heated outrage from conservatives it drew death threats and greatly harmed their career.

This past week Christian evangelical Franklin Graham went to Russia.

He praised Vladimir Putin, repeatedly attacked President Barack Obama, America, and gay people, and yet not one peep of outrage has been voiced by conservatives.

"I have met the president on several occasions. He’s a very nice person," Graham told a Russian newspaper. "But he supports and promotes policies that contradict the teachings of God. As a Christian I believe that abortion is murder, he supports it. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage — those are sins against God, and the president is promoting them. I’m not against homosexuals as people. But God commanded that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

"And I very much appreciate that President Putin is protecting Russian young people against homosexual propaganda," Graham continued. "If only to give them the opportunity to grow up and make a decision for themselves. Again, homosexuals cannot have children, they can take other people’s children. I believe that President Obama (and I’ll repeat, he’s a very nice person) is leading America down the wrong road. He’s taking a stand against God."

Right Wing Watch reports Graham also told the paper, Americans have been “losing many religious freedoms,” while there have been “positive changes” in the area of religious freedom in Russia.

The "situation in the US regarding religion is in decline. Secularism, which is almost no different from communism, is an atheistic movement. Our country is becoming more and more secular, more atheist, taking God out of government, taking God out of schools. We are witnessing America losing many religious freedoms," Graham told the Russia newspaper. "In your country over the past 30 years, we have seen positive changes. But over this same period of time in the US, the changes have been negative."

It gets worse.

Graham had a meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow (photo, above), who has close ties to Vladimir Putin and has grown in power as a result.

“I call for prayers for the president of Russia, who is protecting traditional Christianity,” Graham told the bishop.

“Many churches in America have started to support homosexuality. This is terrible, it’s a sin and it’s against God.”

“When I was a young man, we worried that the world would become atheist under the influence of communism, but while communism fell, atheism didn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately my own president promotes atheism … I spoke about this with President Obama, but he did not understand. Unfortunately he does not have a Christian worldview.”

In 2012, Franklin Graham on national television said, "I can’t say categorically" if Obama is a Christian, suggesting he might be Muslim.


Image: Franklin Graham/Facebook
Hat tip: Right Wing Watch