Gay Sex Investigation Of Archbishop Payback For Condemning ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Says Donohue


Catholic League's Bill Donohue has a novel idea about why Archbishop John Nienstedt, accused of having sex with men, is under investigation, and why Catholics are calling for him to resign.

The nation was shocked when Minneapolis/St. Paul Archbishop John Nienstedt was accused of having inappropriate contact with a young boy. Nienstedt was cleared of those charges but soon after it was revealed that the 67-year old virulently anti-gay Roman Catholic leader was being investigated -- by his own parish -- for sexual relations with men.

Nienstedt has repeatedly denied the charges, though he was quick to respond to them, touting that the "allegations do not involve minors or lay members of the faithful, and they do not implicate any kind of illegal or criminal behavior." 

Now, the Catholic League's Bill Donohue is riding to Nienstedt's rescue -- which he desperately needs in light of all the calls for his resignation -- but with lies.

"It's all about homosexuality," Donohue insists in a press release yesterday. "Ever since Archbishop Nienstedt criticized the pro-gay film, 'Brokeback Mountain,' he has been targeted by homosexual activists all over the nation. So it is hardly surprising to read a story on him in today's New York Times that cites his take on the movie. Had he liked it, and had he been silent on the subject of gay marriage, no one would be calling for his resignation."

Donohue did not point to any particular "homosexual activist," and in fact, all the calls for Nienstedt to resign have come not from any LGBT organization or gay activist but from lay Catholics, the Archdiocese's own chancellor for canonical affairs, and major donors to the Church. And the calls for resignation are not because of the charges of inappropriate sexual activity, but for Archbishop Nienstedt's gross mishandling of sexual abuse cases that were covered up, and his refusal to force priests to step down.

But Donohue chose to point the finger at the LGBT community rather than at his beloved Mother Church.

"Further proof that homosexuality is the real issue driving the foes of Nienstedt can be found in today's Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, two newspapers in the Twin Cities," the divorced head of the Catholic League claimed. "Both asked him yesterday what he does in bed and with whom. He told the former, 'No, I'm not gay. And I'm not anti-gay.' When the latter asked if he had had sex with men since becoming archbishop, he said, 'No. Not even before.'

"We have hit a new low when journalists descend to the level of probing puritans. They would put a camera in his bedroom if they could. If these same reporters spent more time trying to out Nienstedt's anonymous accusers--instead of trying to out his sex life--justice would be served. But that is not their interest, which is why injustice reigns supreme."

Asking a man -- even a man of the cloth -- who is under investigation for having same-sex sex if he is gay is called journalism, not "descending to the level of probing puritans." In fact, it would be journalistic malpractice to not ask those valid questions.

Donohue is clearly wrong by claiming "homosexuality is the real issue driving the foes of Nienstedt."

The Catholic Church has a major sex abuse and accountability problem, and its top warrior is not only not helping the Church, he is harming it.


Image: Facebook