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UPDATED: Gunman Possibly Misidentified, Media Posts Wrong Facebook Profile

by David Badash on December 14, 2012

in News

UPDATE: 7:25 PM:

The media is now reporting the suspected gunman as Adam Lanza, 20, the brother of the originally-identified Ryan Lanza.

“Police initially identified the shooter as Ryan Lanza, the 24-year-old elder brother of Adam Lanza. According to the AP, the error occurred when a law enforcement official transposed the names of the two men,” the Huffington Post reports.

UPDATE: 4:05 PM:

MSNBC now reports the gunman may not have been Ryan Lanza, although they add the gunman was found with identification naming him as Ryan Lanza. Many media outlets apparently wrongly pointed to the wrong Ryan Lanza on Facebook and Twitter. 

For accuracy and caution, The New Civil Rights Movement did not post images of Ryan Lanza.

Some media outlets are reporting Ryan Lanza’s brother, Adam, may have been the shooter.

Below, our original, unchanged report:


MSNBC just reported 24-year old Ryan Lanza as the alleged gunman responsible for 26 or 27 dead, including 18 children. Lanza’s mother reportedly was a kindergarten teacher at the school in Newton, Connecticut, the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and was reportedly shot at the school today.

There is a Ryan Lanza with a Facebook account that states he lives in New Jersey and is from Newtown, Connecticut.

Earlier reports that Lanza’s father was found shot dead in his New Jersey home were retracted.

Mediaite published an image from Lanza’s Facebook page, although it’s important to state it is unconfirmed that this is the same person.

The Huffington Post also published a similar image from a Facebook page attributed to Ryan Lanza.

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