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Majority Of Evangelicals Accuse Gays Of ‘Trying To Remove Christian Values’ From U.S.

by David Badash on January 24, 2013

in News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Majority Of Evangelicals Accuse Gays Of ‘Trying To Remove Christian Values’ From U.S.

The vast majority of Evangelical Christians (72%) believe “the gay and lesbian community is the most active group trying to remove Christian values from the country.” This stands in steep contrast to the rest of the country. Only one in three Americans (31%) overall, regardless of faith, believe gays are trying to remove Christian values from the country. By comparison, just 16 percent of non-Christians believe gays are trying to remove Christian values from the country, and only 42 percent of non-evangelical Christians hold that belief.

These numbers come from a poll by the Barna Group, an evangelical Christian polling firm, which was released yesterday.

A poorly-written and poorly-cited Religion News Service (RNS) article by Lauren Markoe, published at The Huffington Post adds:

The poll of 1,008 adults showed that 29 percent of respondents were “very” concerned that religious liberties are under threat, and 22 percent “somewhat” concerned. Evangelicals were the religious group most likely to be concerned, at 71 percent.

Asked for their opinion as to why religious freedom is threatened, 97 percent of evangelicals agreed that “some groups have actively tried to move society away from traditional Christian values.”

The RNS article also notes:

The results are somewhat at odds with a March 2012 poll sponsored by Religion News Service and the Public Religion Research Institute, which found that a majority of Americans — 56 percent — did not feel that religious freedom was under attack in this nation.

But results between the two polls align in that the PRRI survey concluded that white evangelical Protestants were the most worried about religious liberty. It found them to be the only religious group in which a majority (61 percent) considered it under threat.

Image via The Barna Group

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cipher January 24, 2013 at 10:16 am

Majority Of Evangelicals Accuse Gays Of ‘Trying To Remove Christian Values’ From U.S.

Unfortunately, they don't appear to be doing a very good job of it.

A collective victimization myth and threats of dire postmortem consequences for all those who disagree with them. That's all they've got. It's all they've ever had.

meriequalityjustus January 24, 2013 at 11:00 am

The Christians are not the ones having their rights taken away, its any one that does not fit into their beliefs, if you dont go along with what they believe then you are attacking them, If you are LGBT you are automatically their enemy.
I believe that EVERY one has the right to believe or not believe how they want to as long as it does NOT take rights away, or hurt any one else, they are playing the victim role when it is other groups that are the victims NOT them
For example they say that there should be prayer in school so i say that is fine but you also need to have prayer or non prayer groups for the other religions or for those who do not have religion a seperat room for each group to go to, so Im told NO that is taking away their religious freedom , it is their right to make every one believe in their way, but it is not ok for other religious, or non religious group to discuss their way with them, that is also taking away their religious freedom.
so basically the way they want it is their way or NO WAY and that is not what America is about America is about freedom for ALL Americans, and again i say as long as you are not taking someone else rights away or hurting any one else then we should all learn to respect each others differences it would be a much better place to live, but unfortunately most christian groups will never see it that way, its their way or NO WAY.
another example is how some christian groups come knocking on your door trying to convert you to their way so I ask them how would you feel if a group any other religion or non religion came and knocked on your door trying to tell you about their religion and of the 5 times i asked that question I was told 5 times they would call the police on them and have them arrested for trespassing? because that would be taking their religious freedom away. so their is no talking to them or trying to convene them that they are not the only ones that are right or wrong.
I also believe that NO religion is 100% right and no religion is 100% wrong their are many different beliefs for a reason and one of those reasons is that we all need to find away to have respect for EVERY ONES beliefs and not just 1 religion ALL OF THEM.

david0296 January 24, 2013 at 11:18 am

Just because you happen to make a choice (to become religious), it does not give you a "free pass" to discriminate at will. I'd love for these evangelicals to name one law that has been passed that has harmed them directly.

BJLincoln January 24, 2013 at 11:33 am

They just don't want to loose what they feel is their right to openly discriminate against us. Just like the cake baker. He will make a cake for a jewish celebration even though it is conflict with their choisen religion but they refuse to make a happy committment cake for a gay couple.
I don't understand why they can't understand 2 very easy points.
1. If you offer a public service, you have to serve the entire public.
2. If you use public funds, you have to serve the entire public.
What also gets me is how some people believe we have the same rights. We don't.
Or that we should not compare our struggles to the African American civil rights movement when we are still openly discriminated against every day in every media.

Huntercgo January 24, 2013 at 6:50 pm

Let's see, what "values" would those be? Arrogance? Bigotry? Racism? Religious prejudice? Greed?

Guilty as charged.

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