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Bryan Fischer And Peter LaBarbera Team Up To Declare HIV Is A ‘Gay Disease’

by David Badash on September 17, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Hate Groups,News

Post image for Bryan Fischer And Peter LaBarbera Team Up To Declare HIV Is A ‘Gay Disease’

Bryan Fischer today invited Peter LaBarbera on to his radio show to discuss LaBarbera’s latest column at LifeSite News on HIV/AIDS. The two anti-gay activists had a great time “explaining” that HIV/AIDS is a “gay disease.”

CDC.pdf (page 7 of 21)

Their reasoning: a CDC slide (above) that shows the vast majority of young males who are HIV positive are infected through sex with another male.

To be clear, HIV/AIDS is not a “gay disease,” and all LaBarbera had to do was literally turn to the next slide to find that about 92 percent of women aged 13-24 who become HIV-positive, become HIV-positive via heterosexual sex.

I’ll let you figure out why.

Facts, clearly, never stop either from a good gay-bashing.

CDC.pdf (page 8 of 21)

So, based on this information, LaBarbera and Fischer should be advocating that women aged 13-24 become lesbians.

But their solution? Don’t “promote” homosexuality — which LaBarbera accuses the CDC of doing.

The pair also compared homosexuality to smoking, with LaBarbera asking why the government isn’t spending millions to discourage same-sex relationships — and Fischer suggesting “billions and billions.” Clearly, LaBarbera forgot that former President George W. Bush did just that, spending $500 million — your tax dollars — promoting opposite-sex marriage.

“That behavior, homosexual sex… is being promoted, not just by the government, by teaching, by the educational establishment, as we know by Hollywood, and the media,” LaBarbera lamented. “Everybody is promoting this lifestyle. And they do it in the name of compassion, and I would say, that if you’re truly compassionate, you would not confirm a young man in homosexuality, knowing the incredible health risks that are out there.”

Fischer and LaBarbera seem to be under the illusion that homosexuality is a choice, that homosexual sex causes HIV, and that if gay men would just stop being gay, HIV/ADIS would disappear. Also, they seem to believe that if we force young gay men into the closet, and make homosexuality something to be ashamed of, then young gay men will automagically become heterosexual, and start marrying women. Which, of course, is stupid.

What they’re actually advocating for is making homosexuality immoral (or, in Fischer’s case, illegal,) and forcing gay men into the closet — where they aren’t able to marry the person they love, and will be more likely to engage in the risky behaviors LaBarbera accuses them of engaging in.

This s not rocket science. What they are doing, however, is engaging in dangerous advocacy.

Real science, meanwhile, has already proven that youth and teens — regardless if they’re gay or straight — who grow up in conservative environments are more likely to attempt suicide than those who grow up in more liberal or progressive environments.

Fischer is, by the way, the spokesperson for the American Family Association. LaBarbera is the founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Both organizations are certified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as anti-gay hate groups. Neither Fischer nor LaBarbera is medically certified or even formally educated in medicine, HIV, AIDS, or science. In fact, Fischer is an AIDS-denialist, having repeatedly pushed the flagrantly false claim that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

The audio is a bit long, but worth listening to if you’re into smacking your head against the wall:



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jaywert September 18, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Good for them, they care. Based on facts from the CDC, on a percentage basis, homosexual men have a 16,000% to 32,700% increased likelihood of contracting HIV over a heterosexual man. To put this increased risk in context, consider what the CDC tells us about risk of lung cancer for men who smoke: 23x higher than for those who don't.

Discipline is necessary in all areas of life, but to these extreme liberal views, risk assessment is shoved out the media along with ethics and sexual discipline is labeled as "harmful".

jaywert September 18, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Everyone struggles with temptation, temptation itself is not immoral. But unlike any other area of life, you don't bounce back from sexual mistakes very easily and no one looks back and laughs. Our one-sided sponsored media bombards our young people with dumb ideas about sex and then mocks the good ones.

jaywert September 18, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Our culture emphasizes rights over obligation and choice over duty without a whole lot of thought to the aftermath. The facts from the CDC say this is not healthy, and 40% of kids today are living in fatherless homes. Even a professor who was raised by lesbian parents testified in front of the mn legislature that kids need a mom and a dad more than gay couples need a marriage license and in detail how much it negatively affected him. ( ) Gay marriage begs the question if gender is arbitrary then what is so magical about the number 2? You can see where this line of thinking goes and forces the state to justify limiting marriage to just two adults, or commitment to a lifetime while "thouples" and marital leases are trying to be mainstreamed. What used to be a part of a set of sexual boundaries naturally designed to protect our livelihood is now equated with mockery, "hatred", "homophobia", "bigotry" or any other thought-patrol tactics.

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