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Bill Maher: ‘The Culture War Is Over And We Won!’ (Video)

by David Badash on May 24, 2014

in News,Politics

Post image for Bill Maher: ‘The Culture War Is Over And We Won!’ (Video)

During “New Rules” last night, Bill Maher offered liberals and progressives the now-iconic Michael Sam kiss on ESPN as proof the left has won the culture wars.

“Folks, we had a televised celebrated interracial gay kiss during the NFL Draft,” Maher exclaimed. “The culture war is over, and we won!”

But the Real Time host, pundit, and comedian continued his recent theme of chastising the left for its political correctness, as he has done for several weeks now.

“Last week, when the first gay football player got chosen in the NFL Draft, a player named Don Jones tweeted, ‘OMG. Horrible.’ As is his right, under the asshole clause in the constitution,” Maher reminded his audience. “But the Dolphins fined him and threw him off the team until he underwent sensitivity training, which is when then calmly sit you down and then pin your eyes open like in A Clockwork Orange and make you watch the Bravo channel for 24 hours straight. I mean 24 hours gay.”

I mean, when you hear the Duck Dynasty guy going off on homosexuality, like he did again this week, why even listen? What do you think he was going to say, the Tonys are nothing without Neil Patrick Harris? Folks, we had a televised celebrated interracial gay kiss during the NFL Draft. The culture war is over, and we won!

Maher urged liberals to exercise tolerance and caution, as many on the right have been doing in recent months.

Oh, give this kid a minute to get enlightened. He’s 24. Think how stupid you were when you were 24. Okay, now add football.

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign because it was revealed in 2008, he supported Prop 8, California’s ban on gay marriage. A bad law, yes, but 52% of Californians voted for it. Did they have to resign? Obama was against gay marriage in 2008, does he have to resign? Hillary came around just last year, can she be president?

You can’t purge everybody who doesn’t evolve exactly on the timetable you did.

Maher also brought up the Benham brothers, who had a scheduled HGTV reality show which was canceled after public outrage about their anti-gay comments and actions, which included organizing an anti-gay protest and urging a city council to deny the LGBT community permits forever.

The Benhams “had a home rehab show scheduled on HGTV, but it got canned after websites got quotes of them saying, get this, that gays are possessed by demons,” Maher acknowledged. “Yes, these two nitwits actually told Glenn Beck that Satan uses gay people to promote a demonic agenda to silence the message of Jesus. I disagree with that. I do. That opinion is different from mine on virtually every assertion in that sentence.”

But if you’re a Christian, you may condemn their homophobia but they got it out of the same dumb book that you also revere. So there is a little bit of a mixed message going on. So maybe it would have worked better not to hound them from their home improvement show and then just let them try to find an interior decorator who will work with them.

Sadly, Maher, as he often does, pronounced sentence before bothering to fully examine the overall issue.

The Benhams didn’t just make ugly remarks about LGBT people — which is bad enough — they actively worked to deny LGBT people civil rights. Brendan Eich of Mozilla didn’t just disagree with same-sex marriage, he donated money to a nasty, ugly campaign. “Protect our children” the Yes On 8 Campaign cried, in ads plastered across what may have seemed like nearly every TV set and billboard in California. They portrayed gay people as unfit to be in classrooms with children. “Obama was against gay marriage in 2008,” yes, but he actively let voters know he opposed Prop 8 and DOMA in 2008. And he supports marriage equality today, whereas Eich still does not. Hillary Clinton may have waited a long time to formally announce support for marriage too, but she couldn’t before her boss, the President, did, and she came pretty close much earlier, stating in 2010 that “gay rights are human rights.”

Maher’s call for tolerance isn’t what’s wrong, it’s that he’s choosing to ignore important facts, and asking progressives to do the same.




Transcript via Real Clear Politics

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Pompey50 May 24, 2014 at 8:13 pm

He is right. Don't worry about these idiots. Them loosing their jobs just makes us look like bullies.

i_am_djSway May 25, 2014 at 3:41 am

In some ways, he is right. We shouldn't care what idiots think. I also think someone shouldn't lose their job simply just because they supported some form of odious legislation.

However – in regards to the things people say, I always look at it this way: If they were referring to a different minority (racial, religious, etc) – would it still be an acceptable comment? If that answer is no, and 99.9% of the time it would be, then it is an unacceptable comment. Gay people shouldn't tolerate hateful language either.

JimClark1 May 25, 2014 at 3:20 pm

I don't see it the same. I'm less concerned about what is thought or said, than by what action one takes. The Prop 8 campaign to me was not "some form of odious legislation" ~ We're talking about a discriminatory and unconstitutional legislative action that served no purpose other than to victimize a disfavored minority group by stripping them of rights that were already legally recognized. While I can support his right to disagree and could care less about his words. One's actions to oppress rights, have consequences in my book.

Danl58 May 25, 2014 at 3:27 pm

It is all good

dougblitz May 26, 2014 at 12:56 am

David you're missing Maher's point, his point is, you have a right to say idiotic things, and to do idiotic things within the confinements of the law. If you're against same sex marriage, you are likely going to work to take those peoples rights away, or never give them in the first place. You have a right in America to voice your opinion, and work to make it the norm in Ameriica. That's what continues to make this country great. Otherwise, when it was unpopular to support gay marriage, the minority would not have been able to give money, donate time, etc. to make the masses not fear gay people. The enlightened in America have a history of winning battles, even if it seemingly takes a long time and be a great struggle to get there.

It's great that you understand that gays should have equality rights. Please understand why we need to allow the unpopular opinions (even if/when they are 'obviously' wrong) a right to voice, and take reasonable action on their opinions. I know it seems unreasonable to you that some think gays should have equal rights, and it is, but remember that once upon a time in this country it was reasonable (to many) to think that blacks, and women shouldn't have a right to vote. We shouldn't go around firing people/ruining people because we think they are bigoted a-holes. Just like we shouldn't fire someone for believing gay people deserve the same rights as anybody else.

jksaustin May 26, 2014 at 11:07 am

Dougblitz, we have very much allowed the "unpopular opinions" to be heard. In fact, they were the popular opinion for countless years.

It is not unreasonable to choose not to move forward in a business venture with (or under the direction of) someone who actively sought to have you treated as a second-class citizen, actively lied about you being a danger to children, and carried the notion that you weren't just bad…you are demon possessed. It's disingenuous of you to suggest that is merely a difference of opinion or that our responses have been anything other than reasonable.

I think you and Maher are both over simplifying a complex issue and still ignoring very important facts. David very much got his point. He just recognizes that it's not a good one.

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