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‘Blindly Ambitious’: Former DeSantis Staffers Shiv His ‘Vindictive’ and ‘Paranoid’ Wife Casey Ahead of Presidential Run



Donald Trump’s allies are sharpening their knives against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife as they try to snuff out his presidential ambitions, and even the Florida governor’s former aides and donors are piling on.

Casey DeSantis plays a crucial role in her husband’s political rise and counts as his most trusted adviser, but several former administration staffers and even the governor’s 2024 supporters complained that her influence isn’t always helpful, reported Politico.

“She is both his biggest asset and his biggest liability, and I say biggest asset in that I think she does make him warmer, softer,” said Dan Eberhart, a DeSantis donor and supporter. “But he needs to be surrounded with professional people, not just her.”

“I’ve heard from staffers frustrated that they think the governor’s made a decision, he talks to her, comes back, the decision is the opposite or different,” Eberhart added. “The sad part is I think she’s very smart. I think she’s very talented. But she also needs to realize if they want to play on this stage, they need serious help. I worry that winning the gubernatorial race, winning the re-elect, has made her overconfident in her ability to de facto run a presidential campaign.”

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Eberhart suggested she take a “take a more traditional role” as a presidential candidate’s wife, meaning that the former TV reporter and anchor remain “active and visible” but not necessarily the “architect” of his campaign, but staffers who worked for DeSantis don’t see that happening.

“He’s a leader who makes political decisions with the assistance of his wife, who was elected by nobody, who’s blindly ambitious,” said one former DeSantis administration staffer, “and she sees ghosts in every corner.”

A second former staffer agreed.

“She’s more paranoid than he is,” that staffer said.

One of the knocks against DeSantis has been his dour persona, and a former campaign official said the first lady fed into that.

“He’s a vindictive motherf*cker — she’s twice that,” said a former high-ranking campaign official. “She’s the scorekeeper.”

DeSantis also has difficulty with retail politics, which former staffers say his more outgoing spouse does well, but they said she’s not especially warm to those around the couple.

“Does she sort of humanize the robot?” said a former gubernatorial staffer. “Does she push him on the grip-and-grin, the baby-kissing, give him a cleaner, softer image? Yes. Does she also feed into his, I guess, worst instincts, of being secluded and insular and standoffish with staff? Yes.”

David Jolly, a former GOP congressman from Florida who’s now an MSNBC analyst, recalls an interaction he had with Casey DeSantis when he and DeSantis were both running for Senate in 2016, and his elderly mother asked the couple if she could take their photo as a keepsake — which they agreed to do and the older woman thanked them.

“Casey turns and snaps at my mom and says, ‘I better not see that photo in any opposition research,” Jolly recalled, calling the first lady an ice queen. “Both ice and queen are doing the work there.”

Consultants, lawmakers and lobbyists all agreed that one of the major mistakes DeSantis made on his recent trip abroad was putting the first lady in an even more conspicuous role, which some sources said diminished the governor.

“I have never received so many messages from Republicans, from Republican consultants, from lawmakers … saying, ‘What is going on here?’” a consultant said.

“To me,” one lobbyist agreed, “and I think to a lot of other people, it kind of comes across almost as if she wishes that she was the elected official.”

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‘Bad News’ for Sidney Powell as First Trump Co-Defendant in Georgia RICO Case Takes Plea Deal: Legal Expert



The first of 19 co-defendants in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO and election interference case against Donald Trump has pleaded guilty in what is being described as a “plea deal.”

“Under the terms of an agreement with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office, Hall pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud, conspiracy to commit computer theft, conspiracy to commit computer trespass, conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy, and conspiracy to defraud the state,” NBC News reports. “Under the terms of the deal, he’s being sentenced to five years probation.”

CNN previously reported “Hall, a bail bondsman and pro-Trump poll-watcher in Atlanta, spent hours inside a restricted area of the Coffee County elections office when voting systems were breached in January 2021. The breach was connected to efforts by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists to find voter fraud. Hall was captured on surveillance video at the office, on the day of the breach. He testified before the grand jury in Fulton County case and acknowledged that he gained access to a voting machine.”

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Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, a professor of law and frequent MSNBC contributor, says Hall “was in the thick of things with Sidney Powell on Jan 7 for the Coffee County scheme involving voting machines. If he’s cooperating, it’s a bad sign for her.”

Hall’s plea deal “spells bad news for, among others, Sidney Powell,” says former Dept. of Defense Special Counsel Ryan Goodman, an NYU Law professor of law. Goodman posted a graphic showing the overlap in charges against Hall and Powell, which he called “alleged joint actions.”

See the graphic above or at this link.


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Far-Right Republicans Kill GOP Bill to Keep Government Running in ‘Embarrassing Failure’ for McCarthy: Report



With a shutdown less than 36 hours away, far-right Republicans in the House of Representatives Friday afternoon voted against their party’s own legislation to kept the federal government running. Democrats opposed the content of the bill and voted against it. Just 21 far-right members of the GOP conference were able to effectively force what appears to be an all but inevitable shutdown at midnight on Saturday.

“HARDLINE HOUSE RS take down stopgap funding bill. 21 GOP no votes. 232-198,” reported Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman just before 2 PM Friday.

NBC News reported that a “band of conservative rebels on Friday revolted and blocked House Republicans’ short-term funding bill to keep the government open, delivering a political blow to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and likely cementing the chances of a painful government shutdown that is less than 48 hours away.”

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“Twenty-one rebels, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a conservative bomb-thrower and a top Donald Trump ally, voted Friday afternoon to scuttle the 30-day funding bill, known as a continuing resolution or CR, leaving Republicans without a game plan to avert a shutdown. The vote failed,” NBC added. “The embarrassing failure of the GOP measure once again highlights the dilemma for McCarthy as his hard-liners strongly oppose a short-term bill even if it includes conservative priorities. It leaves Congress on a path to a shutdown, with no apparent offramp to avoiding it — or to quickly reopen the government.”

A bipartisan group of at least 75 U.S. Senators has passed two bills this week that would keep the government running. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has refused to allow it to come to the floor for a vote.




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‘Wannabe Dictator’: Milley Appears to Slam Trump After Ex-President Suggested He Should Be Executed



General Mark Milley, the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top military advisor to the President, during his retirement speech Friday appeared to deliver strong criticism of former President Donald Trump, who appointed him to that post but since has waged war against him.

One week ago the ex-president had said that “in times gone by” General Milley would have been executed for treason. Trump in 2021 had called for General Milley to be “tried for treason.”

“Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous, not just because it is the exact sort that incites violence against public officials,” professor of global politics and political scientist Brian Klass wrote at The Atlantic after Trump’s most recent attack on the Chairman, “but also because it shows just how numb the country has grown toward threats more typical of broken, authoritarian regimes.”

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Trump had written, “if the Fake News reporting is correct,” General Milley “was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States. This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH! A war between China and the United States could have been the result of this treasonous act.”

Milley was acting within his duties in a White House approved conversation, according to Klass.

On Friday, Milley appeared to blast Trump.

“We don’t take an oath to a tribe. We don’t take an oath to a religion. We don’t take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant, or dictator. We don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator,” Milley declared. “We don’t take an oath to an individual. We take an oath to the Constitution, and we take an oath to the idea that is America, and we’re willing to die to protect it.”

“Every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Guardian and Coast Guardsmen, each of us, emits our very life to protect and defend that document, regardless of personal price to a country.”

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Vanity Fair on Thursday reported General Milley “said he has taken security precautions to protect himself and his family after Donald Trump all but called for his execution last week.”

Watch Milley’s remarks below or at this link.


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