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Chris Wallace Nails Greg Abbott for Racist Election Law: ‘The Point Is to Suppress Voting by People of Color’



Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday grilled Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) about new voting restrictions that reportedly could suppress Black voters.

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Wallace noted that a Republican-backed law would ban 24-hour voting and drive-through voting.

“There was no indication of fraud in either of those,” the Fox News host said. “Harris County employed both of those and more than half of the voters who showed up were people of color.”

“So you say you want to make it easier to vote,” Wallace continued. “That’s going to make it harder to vote. And then the question is why make it harder for some Texans to vote unless the point is suppress voting by people of color?”

Abbott argued that Texas has a right to place voting restrictions on counties.

“Why not let it go on?” Wallace asked. “If 24-hour voting worked, why not continue it?”

Abbott deflected by claiming that the state had instituted voter ID without impacting minority voters.

“It was not harder to go vote,” he said. “It was easier to go vote. And the same thing applies here. And that is with 24-hour voting, one thing we want to make sure we have is integrity in the ballot box system and we need to have poll watchers and monitors and, candidly, it’s hard even for a county to get people to be watching the polls 24 hours a day.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.


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‘It’s a War’: Trump Pleads With Employees as NY Prosecutors Look to Crack ‘Mob-Like Code of Silence’ – Report



New York prosecutors are attempting to exploit a “Shakespearean” internal conflict at the Trump Organization between two rival dynasties, as they aim to crack the company’s “mob-like code of silence,” according to a new report from the Daily Beast.

Former president Donald Trump, aware of prosecutors’ strategy, has been reminding employees to “stick together” and stay strong, according to the report.

The internal conflict pits the Weisselberg family — whose patriarch, Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, has been indicted in a 15-year tax-fraud scheme — and the Calamari family, led by Chief Operating Officer Matthew Calamari Sr.

“They hate each other. It’s a war,” Allen Weisselberg’s daughter, Jennifer, who has become a witness for New York prosecutors, recently told the Daily Beast.

Trump himself has always seemed to be New York prosecutors’ chief target in the ongoing probe, but in order to get him, they’ll need his right-hand finance man, Weisselberg, to flip, according to the report.

In order to get Weisselberg to flip, prosecutors are attempting to leverage the CFO’s assistant, company controller and accountant Jeffrey S. McConney. So investigators have been trying to get Calamari’s son, Matty Jr., to provide damning information about McConney, who prepared his individual taxes.

According to the report, it has become “common knowledge” in the upper echelon of Trump’s business and personal circles that prosecutors are attempting to exploit the rivalry between the two families.

“It’s gotten so apparent that, in multiple meetings and phone calls since the spring, Donald Trump has reminded business associates and other members of his inner orbit about the need for Trump Organization staff to ‘stick together’ and stay strong, according to two other people familiar with the matter,” the Daily Beast reported. “The enmity between the Weisselbergs and Calamaris dates back decades, and it centers on their unwavering love of Trump. Two longtime associates described a Shakespearean conflict of rival dynasties, with dukes competing for the king’s favor.”

Earlier this week, Weisselberg’s attorney said in court that he has “strong reason to believe there could be other indictments coming” in the investigation — which prosecutors have been aggressively pursuing.

Read more here.


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January 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas to Four of Trump’s Closest Deputies Including Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows



The House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack has just issued subpoenas, ordering four Trump loyal deputies to testify and produce documents.

The four are former Trump ampaign CEO and former White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Steve Bannon; former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; former Pentagon official and longtime House Intelligence Committee aide Kash Patel; and former Trump social media director, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, and longtime employee Dan Scavino.

Politico, reporting the subpoenas, calls it a “turning point in the investigation as lawmakers begin homing in on Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election results.”

The Washington Post’s Jacqueline Alemany adds that the subpoenas direct the four Trump loyalists to produce records and appear for depositions.

This is a breaking news and developing story. 

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‘You Think Pregnant Women Are Posing a Big Threat?’: Jen Psaki Epically Smacks Down Doocy’s Claims About the Border



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki all but mocked Fox News’s Peter Doocy on Thursday after he complained that the Biden administration is allegedly releasing pregnant women who are caught crossing the southern border illegally into the U.S. without confirming they are pregnant.

Fox News has been focused on the massive influx of migrants, including Haitian migrants, and falsely blaming President Biden for the thousands who are coming to the U.S.

“You say the border is not open but we’re told by our teams on the ground, you guys are releasing, pretty much all family units, couples where the woman says that she is pregnant, or single women who say that they are pregnant, and that nobody actually has to take a pregnancy test unless they want to,” Doocy lamented.

“Are you suggesting you don’t believe when women say they’re pregnant?” Psaki asked Doocy. “Is that a big issue, we think at the border?”

“I am not in charge of keeping the border secure,” Doocy replied.

“Are pregnant women posing a big threat to the border, to the border communities, is that a big issue?” Psaki shot back.

“You tell me,” Doocy retorted.

“I’m not aware of pregnant women being a big issue of concern to people at the border,” Psaki replied. “What I will note for you, Peter, is that, as I said earlier, there is a process, if people cannot be expelled under Title 42 for a range of reasons. Some of that is because countries they came from, or other countries, including Mexico, may not be accepting families with children under the age of seven, they are placed in removal proceedings. Those removal proceedings require them to either go to a detention facility or require them to go get a notice to appear, and including providing their biometric data and otherwise so that they can be, we can ensure we know where they are and we can ensure we know when they’re going to come back. So that’s what the process is,” she patiently explained.

“If there’s a big outrage about pregnant women, I’m not tracking it,” Psaki concluded.

Flabbergasted, Doocy replied: “It’s not about, pregnant women, the issue is, is the border open, or is the border closed? Because my understanding is that a lot of this is happening on this side –” he claimed.

“I think you know the answer to that question and I just conveyed clearly that we’re implementing our border restrictions, including Title 42, including making clear that people who are coming through irregular migration, that this is not the time to come, and they will be placed in removal proceedings,” Psaki said, getting the last word.


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