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Vaccinating People Is the ‘Modern Day Holocaust’ Says Anti-Vaxxer and Former GOP Congressional Candidate



DeAnna Lorraine, a QAnon conspiracy theorist, right wing religious extremist, and former Republican candidate who tried to win Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat last year, says working to get people vaccinated and to trust science is the work of “Satan.”

Lorraine, who used her run for Congress to further her brand as a political commentator and podcaster appeared on the anti-vaxx “Stew Peters Show,” calling efforts to vaccinate people, “the final takeover,” while comparing it to the Holocaust.

“This is truly the final takeover,” Lorraine, a Republican who lost in a 2020 non-partisan primary against Pelosi with just 1.8% of the vote (Pelosi won 74% of the vote.)

“This is like the modern day Holocaust except for it’s global, and they’re trying to separate people from their families, they’re trying to separate people from polite society and ostracize people, if they’re not getting the vaccine,” she claimed, apparently not saying who “they” are.”

“Anyone who’s hesitant about the vaccine for obvious reasons, reasons because of vaccine shedding and missed periods and spontaneous abortions, death, cerebral palsy and all these other crazy, crazy –” Lorraine said before Peters interrupted.

“Sounds like a wet dream for these liberal radicals,” Peters insisted, as the camera cut to a photo of George Soros, who was not a subject of the discussion.

“Wow, look at this: instant abortions and people, the nuclear family structure is being destroyed, all with one injection. Wow!” Peters proclaimed, mocking liberals, as if they are advocating for that.

“The sad thing is,” Lorraine continued, “it’s this propaganda, this massive gaslighting campaign, has been teaching people to not trust their own gut, it’s been training people over the past year, and very effectively to teach, to trust science, and this is Satan’s work, I mean that’s really all there is to it right still I mean, this is the work of Satan, the father of lies, if you want to get religious. This is him being very effectively getting into the souls of people that once had souls, ripping them out and replacing them with these dark behaviors of lying and blackmailing.”

Watch video via Right Wing Watch:


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Texas AG Ken Paxton Serves Up Incoherent Attack on Merrick Garland: His Job Is to ‘Worry About Afghanistan’



After the Dept. of Justice sued the State of Texas over its abortion ban on Thursday, Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton tried to attack U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland by saying his job is not to “worry about” Texas but to worry about “what’s going on in Afghanistan,” along with the southern border, energy prices, inflation, the economy, and “the world.”

The nation’s top law enforcement official has little to do with the now-ended war in Afghanistan, the U.S. economy, and even the southern border, not to mention the rest of the world.

“His job is not to worry about Texas,” Paxton told Steve Bannon, a former Trump senior White House advisor who now hosts a streaming far right wing talk show. “His job is to worry about, you know, the world, what’s going on in Afghanistan, what’s going on on the border, what’s going on with the United States economy, and energy prices, inflation. He doesn’t need to be regulating Texas laws.”

Attorneys General for decades have done exactly what Garland did Thursday: sue states for violating federal law or the U.S. Constitution.

But Paxton, who has been under indictment since 2015 for securities fraud, went even further down the false history road, claiming,  “I’ve never seen a president or administration so interested in in regulating individual states and what they do this is a, is almost, I think it’s unheard of.”

That’s false, and Paxton only has to look as far as the Obama administration to see the federal government sue states for violating federal law. But perhaps even more importantly, Paxton’s predecessor, now Texas Governor Greg Abbott, infamously bragged when he was the state attorney general, “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home.” Abbott sued the federal government more than two dozen times.

“None of it makes any sense,” Paxton added, which is also false.





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‘Crybaby’ Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Mocked After Telling CNBC Americans Getting Their ‘Fair Share Is a BS Concept’



Billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman is getting mocked on social media after complaining on CNBC Thursday that Americans wanting to get their fair share is “bullshit.”

Cooperman runs Omega Advisors. He reportedly is the majority owner of the investment firm and is said to be worth  approximately $3.2 billion.

“The reason the market is doing what it’s doing is people are sitting at home, getting their checks from the government,” he told CNBC, according to a widely-circulated clip on Twitter.

“This fair share is a bullshit concept,” he also says in the clip. “It’s just a way of attacking wealthy people, and, you know, I think it’s inappropriate – we all got to work together and pull together.”

Cooperman appeared to be discussing the move by the trading platform RobinHood to stop investors from trading on Gamestop, after grassroots investment activists organizing on Reddit propelled the company’s worth from $2 billion to $24 billion on Wednesday.

Americans are suffering historic unemployment, illness and death, given the coronavirus pandemic that’s spiraling out of control, while the stock markets are reaching new heights on a regular basis. The phrase, “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” is an apt description of the state of Americans’ financial health.

Social media users were not amused.



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Trump: ‘I Was Surprised’ With LGBTQ Ruling Since SCOTUS Is ‘Supposed to Be in Our Favor’



President Donald Trump says he was “surprised” with last week’s historic Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ workers’ civil rights, suggesting he was “supposed” to win.

Trump made clear he viewed the decision as a loss, given that, he says, the nation’s highest court is supposed to “favor” him.

“I was surprised, I was surprised,” Trump told CBN’s David Brody Monday, who asked about the case that was decided by Trump’s first SCOTUS appointee. “Some people felt that it was a decision that they weren’t as surprised as I was. Yeah, I was surprised.”

The court ruled that LGBTQ workers are protected under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Trump has become the most anti-LGBTQ president in modern history.

“Well, so far we’re not doing too well,” Trump continued. “Look: We’ve had a lot of losses, with a court that was supposed to be in our favor. This is just to show what it means.”

“We need – you know you’ll probably have a couple of more judges in the next four years. It could even be more than that, it could be three or four. If you have a radical left group of judges, religion, I think will be almost wiped out in America. If you look at it, pro-life will be absolutely wiped out. So – If you have that happening, pro-life is going to be out, it’s going to be gone.”


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