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‘Shocking’: Fox & Friends Fear-Mongers and Freaks Out Over Biden Declaring No Amendment Is ‘Absolute’



Fox & Friends” has decided it is “shocking” that the President of the United States declared that no amendment to the Constitution is “absolute,” despite Supreme Court rulings and even common examples which fill everyday American speech.

President Joe Biden on Thursday declared gun violence an “epidemic” and announced a series of actions, including six executive orders, to combat what he called a “blemish on our character as a nation.”

“The part that is really shocking,” co-host Steve Doocy claimed Friday, “is where the President just said no Amendment to the Constitution is absolute. He’s talking about the Second Amendment, which he does not regard as, you know, giving everybody the right to do whatever they want to with guns, we know that we know his talking point.”

Doocy went on to say that Biden “would like to do something about the Second Amendment, which he simply disagrees with,” Doocy claimed. Biden has a 3500 word plan to end gun violence on his campaign website, and none of it has anything to do with abandoning the Second Amendment.

“But what about if no amendment is absolute? What about how does he feel about the First Amendment? How does he feel about the freedom of religion, how does he feel about freedom of speech?” Doocy asked.

For 17 years, until 2008, Biden was an adjunct professor, teaching a constitutional law seminar at Widener University School of Law.

And Biden addressed all these points during his Rose Garden speech Thursday, a fact the Fox News team was counting on its viewers to not have watched.

“No amendment — no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” Biden said Thursday. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons. So the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we’re recommending are contrary to the Constitution.”

The Supreme Court repeatedly has determined that “no right under the Constitution is absolute,” UCLA law professor Adam Winkler told The Washington Post in 2015. “In general, where the government has very strong reasons to restrict a right, it can.”

Doocy then declared that “it looks as if he’s, he’s been, you know, kind of a cafeteria approach to the Constitution,” in a dog-whistle to Biden’s Catholic faith, which conservatives often attack.




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Staffers Beg Fox News to Fire Tucker Carlson — but There’s a ‘Dirty Little Secret’ That Makes Him ‘Untouchable’



Fox News staffers called on the network to fire Tucker Carlson over his call to harass parents and children for wearing masks, but the highly rated host is “invincible.”

Current and former employees were embarrassed and outraged when Carlson urged viewers to call child protection services on parents whose children wear masks in public, but they told The Daily Beast the top-rated prime-time host is “untouchable” and will never “suffer any repercussions” for his openly white nationalist comments or other statements that might lead to violence.

“He’s a good example of how much you can get away with at Fox if your ratings are high,” one current network staffer said. “Aside from that, he just perpetuates the right’s catastrophe platform. They cannot win with their supposed limited government, fiscal conservatism, because not even they really believe in it. So all they do is fear monger.”

The Anti-Defamation League had called on Carlson to be fired and advertisers to boycott his show after he endorsed the white-supremacist “Great Replacement” theory on air, but Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch defended the network’s biggest star — much to the chagrin of staffers.

“The Murdochs love him,” one former Fox News personality said. “Like them, he is a rich, prep school kid born with a silver spoon who traffics in populism while living in an expensive ivory tower and never meeting in real life the people he gins up for ratings.”

Even advertiser boycotts won’t dent the Murdochs’ support for Carlson, because Fox doesn’t need them thanks to their loyal viewers — and other cable customers — who pay carriers to make sure the conservative network remains on their service.

“He’s the new Bill O’Reilly,” another ex-Fox News employee stated. “The dirty little secret is that FNC doesn’t care about losing advertisers. They make their money via cable conglomerates that pay them much money so that dumb f*cks who worship FNC can continue being told what, in their heart of hearts, they want to believe — and that’s a lot of people.”

Fox News staffers are frustrated their concerns aren’t taken seriously, and one current staffer says his ability to skate away from consequences remind them of someone else Fox News helped turn into a political star.

“If Tucker left, his fans would follow him wherever he went and would turn Fox off for scorning their leader,” the current staffer said. “If Trump is the most dangerous person in the country, Tucker is a close second behind him.”

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‘I’m at Least Being Honest’: Fox News Host ‘Glad’ Chauvin Found Guilty to Stop ‘This Country From Going Up in Flames’



Fox News chose Greg Gutfeld, the host of its new late-night talk show “Gutfeld!” along with “Judge” Jeanine Pirro as its on-air talent for Tuesday’s verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Gutfeld told his co-host that he’s “glad” Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd, because his neighborhood was looted once and he wanted “a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames.”

“And now I’m just going to just get really selfish,” Gutfeld said after the verdict of guilty on all counts was read. “I’m glad that he was found guilty on all charges. Even if he might not be guilty of all charges.”

An off-screen voice, possibly Pirro’s, said, “Oh my God.” Seconds later, another off-screen voice said, “oh God,” as groans can be heard.

“I am glad that he is guilty of all charges, because I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames,” Gutfeld admitted.

“Oh uh-oh, said Pirro.

“Oh my goodness,” said another voice off-screen.

“Look, Greg,” Pirro responded.

“What do you mean?” a stunned Gutfeld replied.

“I’m at least being honest,” Gutfeld said defending himself. “My neighborhood was looted, I don’t ever want to go through that again.

Pirro replied, saying, “Greg, Greg, we do not sacrifice individuals, for the sake, oh having people feel –”

“I’m saying is guilty,” Gutfeld declared, after suggesting he might not be quite as guilty as jurors found him to be. “I’m saying I’m glad about the verdict.”

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Fox News Hires Mike Pompeo, a Likely 2024 Presidential Candidate



Fox News has just hired yet another Trump administration official, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as a paid, on-air contributor. Fox News recently also hired former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and former Trump National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow. The conservative cable channel also recently hired Trump campaign official Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law.

“Pompeo will make his first appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday, the network said,” Deadline reports. “He’ll contribute across all Fox News Media platforms.”

Pompeo has spent years – and countless thousands of taxpayers’ money – paving the road for a 2024 presidential run. As Secretary of State he visited major primary battleground states frequently, and hosted what he called “Madison Dinners” that had guest lists filled with more domestic donors than foreign dignitaries.

Right before Biden was sworn in a president Pompeo spent days on Twitter touting what he saw as his accomplishments, painting himself as the logical heir of Trump’s “America First” brand.

He’s invoking that marketing strategy in his statement announcing his new Fox News gig.

“As a now former diplomat and member of Congress, and in this new role at Fox News Media, I intend to give viewers a candid, no-nonsense look at geopolitics, international relations and the America First policies that helped chart the course for unprecedented American prosperity and security.”

The hiring of Pompeo, who is strongly expected to wage a 2024 presidential run, would be unprecedented except Fox News hired Lara Trump as an on-air contributor. She has said she “absolutely” is considering a Senate run.




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