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Republicans Are Prepared to Dump ‘Skeevy Florida Bro’ Matt Gaetz as He Becomes ‘Terminally Toxic’: MSNBC’s Heilemann



MSNBC” Morning Joe” regular John Heilemann claimed on Friday morning that the political career of Rep. Mat Gaetz (R-FL) is likely over as fellow Republicans realize that he is “terminally toxic'” and can only damage them personally and the party from this point forward.

Gaetz, who appears to be facing a multitude of federal and state inquiries into possible sex trafficking and paying for sex, is being buffeted by new revelations almost hourly since the news the Justice Department is investigating him leaked on Tuesday.

According to the MSNBC guest, Gaetz’s time in politics will soon be over when he can’t find colleagues to defend him.

“We are now learning that this Florida bro, basically, you know, turns out, who’s running around with an indicted sex trafficker and has been walking around apparently showing his best pictures off his phone to his friends on the House floor of his sexual — I don’t want to call them conquests. –if you’re paying for them they’re not conquests, right?” he explained. ” So it turns out, by everything we’re hearing now, he’s skeevy.”

“I think it matters if there’s a federal charge — a sex trafficking charge, that matters,” he continued. “Regardless whether charges are brought now, I think he, the floodgates are now open and on a political level, a lot of members of Congress in the Republican Party who even if they have saddled up to Trump, even if they accepted Donald Trump, even if they got in bed with the fleas of Donald Trump, they are looking — looked at people like Matt Gaetz and said, ‘man, this is a stinky pile that we’re stuck with here.'”

“This is an opportunity for Republicans, I think right now, and in a self-interested way, to be like, let’s get away from that and let’s take some kind of a purely cynical public relations-driven approach, which is like, get on our high horse,” Heilemann added. “No moral standing to take this position, by the way, but to throw Matt Gaetz over the side will make them feel better and they think give them some kind of credibility for having walked away from someone who is clearly, like I said, at this point, I think terminally toxic.”


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MSNBC’s Morning Joe Sounds Alarm Over GOP’s ‘Clear Intent’ to Steal the 2024 Election for Trump



MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sounded the alarm over Donald Trump’s continued election lies.

The twice-impeached one-term president falsely claimed during a Georgia rally that the Arizona “audit” showed he had won and called on other states to conduct similar partisan probes to justify his lies about fraud — and the “Morning Joe” host explained how Trump was setting the stage to steal the 2024 election.

“Why are they changing election laws in states where Donald Trump won?” Scarborough said. “They’re afraid in 2024 he may not do as well, it may get closer and they may need to steal the election. For those of you, again, when you hear about voting reforms, you hear about a lot of the challenges that this country and this democracy is facing, it’s so important to look at the two phases these Trump-friendly states are doing.”

“The first phase, of course, is putting up roadblocks to prevent [voting], especially for Black voters and other people of color, but even more frightening than that for all Americans is the fact that they’re trying to change the rules on the counting of the votes, changing one state legislature after another in Trump-friendly territory is trying to make it so state legislatures can throw out your vote,” Scarborough added. “If you don’t vote for Donald Trump, if they don’t like what your community does or your precinct does or what your state does, these Republican legislatures that are Trumpists are now passing legislation that takes the power away from election officials and takes the power away from secretaries of state and governors.”

Scarborough warned that Trump and his conspiracy theories posed a direct threat to democracy, and he called on Democratic senators to eliminate the filibuster and pass legislation to save it over Republican objections.

“Democrats have the votes to actually pass legislation that will stop state legislators from stealing the election — from stealing the election — their intent, my good friend Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, their intent is to steal the election,” Scarborough said. “You can see the clear intent written on that legislation. If Mitch McConnell believes there should be an exemption for the filibuster for one of the most important things the Senate does, and that is confirming Supreme Court justices, there can’t be a filibuster for saving American democracy for voting rights laws for civil rights laws?”

“I guess the question in Washington has been for some time now, will the Democratic Party have the courage to count the 50 to stop these schemes for stealing elections and destroying American democracy?” he added. “Will they have the courage to count the 50 and do what Republicans would do in a New York second?”

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Betsy DeVos and Anti-LGBTQ Groups Mobilize to Support Trump-Endorsed Glenn Youngkin’s Bid for Virginia Governor



Anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice religious-right groups and leaders are mobilizing to help Republican Glenn Youngkin win this year’s Virginia gubernatorial election in which voting is already underway.

Youngkin has bragged about endorsements from national religious-right groups, including the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life. Another right-wing anti-choice group, CatholicVote, told supporters in an email on the first day of early voting that the group had been “planning for this race for months.” The group slammed Catholic Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe’s support for Roe v. Wade and told its followers that the race has “national importance” and “the first big high-profile referendum on the Biden presidency.” The group claimed that it had recruited more than 100 volunteers for its voter outreach efforts.

Another religious-right political operation, My Faith Votes, is mobilizing to maximize turnout of conservative Christian voters in the Virginia election. In an email sent to supporters Tuesday, My Faith Votes’ Jason Yates said, “What happens in Virginia will send a loud signal to the rest of the nation.” He asked activists to join an operation to send letters to “Christians who are unlikely to vote unless encouraged to go to the polls and stand for biblical values.”

“Impact the elections in Virginia for the Lord,” says a My Faith Votes webpage recruiting volunteers. “He promises blessings from our obedience and so we do as He instructs and trust the results to him.”

My Faith Votes invested heavily in an unsuccessful effort to elect Republicans in the 2021 Georgia U.S. Senate races won by Sens. Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff and in the failed campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom. My Faith Votes’ page for Virginia voters promotes a video in which Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson urges people to vote for “godly” candidates and against  people who “practice perversion.”

Youngkin has said he believes “life begins at conception” and will “proudly stand up for the unborn and their mothers.” Already, ]he has backed new restrictions on access to abortion. Youngkin has admitted to downplaying his anti-choice positions in order to attract votes in the general election, telling a questioner on the campaign trail that he could “start going on offense” once he was elected.

Youngkin has also been endorsed by FRC Action, a political arm of the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council. Youngkin has publicly supported right-wing activists campaigning against LGBTQ-inclusive policies in Loudoun County schools, and he has promised religious-right activists to fight for policies that would allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the name of religious freedom. While some conservative gay activists have claimed that Youngkin is “inclusive,” the candidate has refused to say whether he supports marriage equality.

The GOP ticket includes Winsome Sears, a candidate for lieutenant governor who the Human Rights Campaign says “ran on her staunch opposition to LGBTQ rights” in previous runs for office.

Last week, the Associated Press reported that Youngkin had received $87,500 from former Trump cabinet member and anti-public education activist Betsy DeVos and her family. It also reported that Youngkin’s campaign had given $20,000 to the political arm of the anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice Family Foundation of Virginia. The extraordinarily wealthy Youngkin, who made his fortune in private equity, has also loaned his campaign more than $16 million.

According to the Washington Post, the Youngkin campaign has enlisted one of his former Republican competitors, hard-right state Sen. Amanda Chase, as a campaign surrogate. Chase, who advocated for martial law last winter, and former President Donald Trump have claimed that Democrats might try to win the election by cheating. For his part, Youngkin refused to acknowledge that President Joe Biden’s election was legitimate until after he secured the Republican nomination, and he has helped promote Trump’s bogus “stolen election” narratives by speaking at an “election integrity” rally at Liberty University.

As The Atlantic recently noted, “Youngkin has said he’s ‘honored’ to have Trump’s support, and that Trump ‘represents so much of why I’m running.’”


This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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Kavanaugh Probe Must Be Reopened After FBI Allegedly Ignored Thousands of Tips About Him: Ex-Federal Prosecutor



Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner is demanding an investigation into the FBI after it was revealed that there were 4500 complaints filed against then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh that went ignored and were merely handed over to the White House.

The Guardian reported that the FBI claimed they didn’t have the authority to investigate Kavanaugh during his nomination process. It comes while the FBI is facing demands of a probe into how it mishandled allegations that Dr. Larry Nasser was molesting and raping Olympic gymnasts.

In 2018, when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her allegations of sexual assault when they were in high school. A Yale classmate also accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her when they were in college. The FBI has been accused of not thoroughly investigating those allegations, as well as flat-out ignoring thousands of others while doing a background check into Kavanaugh.

The FBI closed their background check after just four days, handing over all 4500 allegations against him to President Donald Trump’s White House officials.

“The very person — the very office that was trying to cram Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court down America’s throat,” said Kirschner.

It was only this week that the FBI revealed to the Senate Judiciary Committee how many tips they got about Kavanaugh that went ignored.

“At the heart of the new questions that [Christopher] Wray will face later this week, when he testifies before the Senate judiciary committee, is a 2010 Memorandum of Understanding that the FBI has recently said constrained the agency’s ability to conduct any further investigations of allegations of misconduct,” said the report.

Kirschner explained that presumably the new administration has those 4500 accusations and could conduct an investigation into them. He went on to call for the 4500 citizen tips to be subpoenaed by Congress so that they can see the accusations that were ignored.

“Let’s start doing some damn justice,” he said, noting that women in Texas deserve it as do the rest of America.

“In its years-late response to our questions, the FBI leaned hard on the notion that this MOU limited its authority to be the FBI and investigate wrongdoing. Now that we have the MOU, it’s even harder to understand the Bureau’s excuses for ignoring credible information it received. Director Wray ought to be ready to answer my questions about this episode — I won’t stop asking until he does,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

See the analysis below:


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