Acosta’s ‘Tone-Deaf’ Press Conference Panned by Legal Experts for ‘Victim-Shaming’

Amid mounting calls to resign, embattled Labor Secretary Alex Acosta‘s Wednesday afternoon press conference was not as successful as his boss might have hoped. As a federal prosecutor Acosta signed off on the sweetheart deal given to child rapist Jeffrey Epstein. That agreement has been in the spotlight since Epstein was again arrested, this time for sex trafficking.

Legal experts and others focused in part on what they say is the Labor Secretary’s “victim-shaming” and “victim blaming.” He repeatedly said any of Epstein’s victims should come forward with their stories, as if there had not been enough evidence after dozens of victims’ stories were investigated when Epstein was sentenced to a 13-month work release program.

Acosta actually claimed, some believe inaccurately, that had he not intervened in the State of Florida’s case Epstein “would have gotten away.”

MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst Matthew Miller, a former DOJ spokesperson, noted Acosta’s “tone-deaf” attitude toward victims:

Former SDNY federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah noted how Acosta dropped the ball:

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