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Former Army Lawyer Rips Trump’s Scheme to Pardon War Criminals: ‘This Makes Me Sick’



Former U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Glenn Kirschner on Saturday ripped President Donald Trump after The New York Times reported President Donald Trump was considering pardoning war criminals.

“As a former career prosecutor, including 6 years as an Army JAG, this makes me sick,” he said.

“Please bear with me as this will take a minute: Our military criminal justice system protects the rights of soldiers accused of crimes as well as, if not better then, many civilian systems,” he noted.

“It’s rarely an easy decision to prosecute a soldier, particularly for crimes committed during a time of war or otherwise in a hostile environment. But we expect, indeed demand, that our soldiers not commit murder/war crimes/atrocities while in military service,” he explained.

“Indeed, the need to maintain good order and a cohesive fighting force requires that soldiers act in a law-abiding way even under the most difficult circumstances,” he continued. “Military commanders & prosecutors often agonize over decisions whether to charge a soldier with a criminal offese (sic).”

“This is, in part, because we recognize the sacrifices soldiers make for their country, putting their lives on the line to protect our people and our freedoms,” he said. “But when a decision ultimately is made to court-martial a soldier, the system takes great pains to insure (sic) that soldiers receive excellent legal representation & fair trials.”

“Enormous time/effort goes into investigations, prosecutions and, in the event of conviction, appeals. I know this first hand, having handled as an Army prosecutor (in both the trial courts and appellate courts) cases including murder during Operation Just Cause, espionage during Operation Desert Storm, death penalty litigation & many others,” he explained.

“Today I saw this NYT’s article that Trump is ginning up pardons of soldiers who criminally killed others, intending to use it as some sort of twisted Memorial Day celebration,” he noted. “Among the pardons reportedly being contemplated are cases involving the Blackwater security firm. Please bear with me for a moment while I relate some basic public facts about the Blackwater case. The defendants were US civilians (veterans) who were being paid to perform security services in Iraq. Multiple Blackwater employees opened fire on innocent Iraqis in what was a massacre in broad daylight. They killed 14 unarmed Iraqi citizens and injured 17 others in front of dozens of witnesses

“Some of the testifying witnesses were the defendants own Blackwater teammates,” Kirschner said. “Many of the fellow Blackwater members testified about how the defendants were in the wrong – they did not even attempt to defend their teammates, rather they described their teammates’ use of deadly force as being wholly unjustified and without provocation. Evidence at trial included how one defendant, Nicholas Slatten, called Iraqis ‘animals’ and ‘less then human.’ According to Slatten, Iraqi lives were worth ‘nothing.’”

“My former office, the DC US Attorney’s Office, prosecuted the case, obtained convictions and brought justice to the surviving victims & the families of the dead (I didn’t work on the case),” he continued. “I saw the enormous time, energy and resources that went into that prosecution It was important that the perpetrators of those horrific offenses were brought to justice. Now Trump, in a twisted, grotesque “celebration” of Memorial Day, wants to pardon these and other murderers?”

“What message is he really trying to send to the military?” Kirschner noted.

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‘Angry’ Trump Michigan Voters Admit They Want ‘This Nightmare to End’ in November



President Donald Trump’s Michigan supporters are abandoning their 2016 pick for Vice President Joe Biden as the election comes closer.

In a series of interviews on MSNBC Sunday, revisited voters they’d met earlier in the election cycle in Kent County.

Katey Morse and her husband were both working full time, and their kids were in school back in March, but things quickly changed as the coronavirus spread throughout the country. Luckily, she and her husband didn’t lose their jobs, but they, like many parents, are struggling to do virtual school for their kids.

“I’m turning into more of an angry person than I’ve ever been in my life,” she said about how she feels politically, noting that it makes her sad. “I’ve just got a countdown to November now, and I’m hoping we’ll wake up from this nightmare we’re in.”

She later explained that she was attracted to Trump in 2016 because he was a businessman who she thought would make the right decisions. But she’s now watching business leaders make those right decisions and Trump making the wrong ones.

Hal Ostrow once called himself “politically homeless,” but now things have changed for him too.

“I think we’re seeing it on a daily basis — this delegitimizing of pillars of our society, of institutions of government, everything from COVID testing to choices we’ve got to make for our kids. And there is just a void of leadership at the top,” he said.

Ostrow also explained that the “law and order” message from Trump isn’t really effective because the kind of “law and order” Trump wants isn’t resonating with suburban voters.

Morse agreed, saying, “we’re not 1950s housewives anymore. We’re educated, strong women, who are trying to raise families while working full time out of the home. So, to make a statement saying, we’re going to be — to defund the police and we’re going to be overrun in our communities by all these bad people, it’s ludicrous!”

Jerry Stepanovich was a Trump voter who was parroting the language the Trump used about the “witch hunt” against him. Now things have changed.

“Some of his statements, some of the buffoonery,” he said as a reason for his diversion from solid Trump supporters. “Some of his actions and also when he said, ‘we’re going to knock this right down,’ that’s — that ain’t gonna happen.”

When asked what he would have done differently, he said Trump’s “blasé” attitude claiming “yeah, we’ll take care of this,” is what Stepanovich found questionable. “The bravado — that’s kind of irking me right now.”

See the clip below:


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Top US Counter Intelligence Official Formally Announces Russia Working to Attack Biden, Helping Trump Win Re-Election



The top counterintelligence official in the United States government has just released an official statement saying the Intelligence Community is actively working to help President Donald Trump get re-elected.

“We assess that Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment.’ This is consistent with Moscow’s public criticism of him when he was Vice President for his role in the Obama Administration’s policies on Ukraine and its support for the anti-Putin opposition inside Russia,” states National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) Director William Evanina.

“For example, pro-Russia Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach is spreading claims about corruption – including through publicizing leaked phone calls – to undermine former Vice President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party. Some Kremlin-linked actors are also seeking to boost President Trump’s candidacy on social media and Russian television.”

Evanina does not limit his assessment to Russia. China and Iran, he says, prefer Biden to win the election – which would account for Trump’s recent attacks on both countries, while refusing to challenge or confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on any issue.

“We assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – does not win reelection. China has been expanding its influence efforts ahead of November 2020 to shape the policy environment in the United States, pressure political figures it views as opposed to China’s interests, and deflect and counter criticism of China.”

“We assess that Iran seeks to undermine U.S. democratic institutions, President Trump, and to divide the country in advance of the 2020 elections.”

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and other top Democrats, have been urging Evanina to release this information to the public.

But he warns that President Donald Trump is unlikely to act on it.

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Ohio GOP Governor Tests Positive for Coronavirus Just Before Meeting Trump



Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine, 73, was scheduled to meet President Donald Trump on the tarmac but will not be there after testing positive for coronavirus. He reportedly has no symptoms.

DeWine refused to mandate masks until July 22.

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