Trump’s Rapid-Fire Tweetstorm Reveals He’s in Full Freak-Out Mode Hours Before Barr’s Mueller Report Drops

President Donald Trump has entered full freak-out mode, and for the first time we know why: he knows what's in the Mueller report, a version of which will be released by Attorney General William Barr within hours.

The New York Times Wednesday evening revealed yet another bombshell. The Attorney General and his team have been discussing the Mueller report with the President's legal team for weeks, and Barr appears to have delayed the release of the report to allow them time to create a "counterreport."

As the doomsday hour fast approaches, unable to control himself, President Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning, unleashing a vast tweetstorm.

7:54 AM:

"Greatest Political Hoax of all time!"

8:07 AM:


That was immediately followed, in rapid-fire succession, a series of seven retweets of mostly conspiracy theories from his friends at Judicial Watch:


"He's melting down his morning," MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said at 8:37 AM.

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