Watch: House Judiciary Chair Nadler Smacks Down AG Barr – Says ‘We Will Ask the Attorney General to Testify’


Nadler: Barr "made a decision" to not charge the President with obstruction of justice "in under 48 hours."

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler Sunday evening held a press conference to excoriate Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump just hours after a four-page letter on the Mueller report was given to Congress.

"President Trump is wrong: with the report does not amount to a so-called 'total exoneration.' Special Counsel Mueller was clear that his report 'does not exonerate' the President," Nadler said.

Chairman Nadler also mocked Attorney General Barr as someone who "auditioned for his role with an open memorandum suggesting that the obstruction investigation was unconscionable, and that it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction of justice since he is the head of the executive branch."

Nadler noted that Barr "made a decision" to not charge the President with obstruction of justice "in under 48 hours."

"His conclusions raise more questions than they answer, given the fact that Mueller uncovered evidence that in his own words 'does not exonerate the president.'"

"It is unconscionable that President Trump would try to spin the Special Counsel's findings, as if his conduct was remotely acceptable."

Nadler called it "imperative" that the AG release Mueller's report "and the underlying findings... to Congress and to the American people."

"We will ask the Attorney General to testify before the House Judiciary Committee," Chairman Nadler added.

"The President has not been exonerated by the Special Counsel, yet the Attorney General has decided not to go further."




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