Days Ahead of Likely Shutdown Trump Tells ‘Self Righteous and Angry’ Democrats to ‘Loosen Up and Have Some Fun’


The president's remarks come just hours before he will fly to El Paso to hold a "Make America Great Again" re-election rally.

President Donald Trump, quite possibly the most emotional president in the history of the United States, has spent a large portion of his 25 months in office enraged, furious, and apoplectic according to countless reports.

Monday morning Trump rage-tweeted about fact-checkers, lied about the numerous well-substantiated reports revealing he spends the majority of his days in "executive time" – tweeting, watching TV, and talking on the phone to friends – and attacked the Democrats as "Crazy."

Then he did a "180," telling the Democrats to "Loosen up and have some fun," after labeling them "self righteous and ANGRY!"

Trump also insisted America "is doing well," which many, especially those who  are middle or low-income would dispute.

The president's remarks come just hours before he will fly to El Paso, Texas to hold a "Make America Great Again" campaign re-election rally.

Many on social media explained to the President in no uncertain terms why they disagree.

Some talked about Trump's theft of migrant children, many of whom will never again see their parents.

Others questioned how the country can be doing great since he's threatening to declare a national emergency so he can build his wall.

Some reminded him he's effectively an un-indicted co-conspirator.

And some reminded him of his immediately broken call for unity.


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