‘Worst Deal Maker in the History of Earth’: A Defeated Trump Mercilessly Mocked After Losing Shutdown to Pelosi


'She Crushed Him Like a Bug'

A defeated President Donald Trump has finally agreed to end his 35-day shutdown of the federal government, saying he will sign funding bills that will re-open the government. Those bills have no money for his border wall. In fact, he has caved to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, getting only what he would have gotten had he allowed the Senate to pass the bills the House passed over a month ago.

This is his second defeat since Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House just three weeks ago. President Trump went down in huge defeat over his demand to deliver the State of the Union address during the government shutdown.

Losing the shutdown war he waged for over a month, at the behest of far right wing pundits including Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, is a massive defeat for the President who promised for years he would "build the wall and Mexico will pay for it," and later, promising to "own" the shutdown, and allow the government to stay closed for months or possibly years.

On social media, relief the shutdown will be over and federal employees will (hopefully) soon receive their paychecks was palpable, but so was the utter and sheer disdain for Trump. The mockery was intensely evident.

Take a look:


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