Trump Loving GOP Congressman Shares Anti-LGBT Reason He Opposes Declaring National Emergency to Build the Wall

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida, is a top supporter of President Trump, but says he's opposed to him declaring a national emergency to bypass Congress to build the wall on the southern border.

Gaetz is not offering any legal concerns, he isn't suggesting the President doesn't have the authority to take the drastic action, he's more worried about what the next Democratic President would do.

"I don’t want the next national emergency to be that some Democrat president says we have to build transgender bathrooms in every elementary school in America," Gaetz told The Wall Street Journal.

Congressman Gaetz did not make clear what a "transgender bathroom" is.

Gaetz is perhaps best known for posting a racist video and falsely claiming it depicted men in Honduras paying women and children to join the caravan headed to "storm the US border." He asked if the cash was coming from George Soros, a liberal funder who has become the Republicans' all-time favorite target.

President Trump retweeted the video, spreading more falsehoods and fear.


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