Trump: I Will Deliver State of the Union Address as Scheduled, Wherever I Want

President Donald Trump has decided to ignore Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's withdrawal of her invitation to deliver the State of the Union address on January 29. Trump is planning to deliver the SOTU address, which is congressionally-mandated to be given to Congress, on the 29th as scheduled.

Where he will deliver the Address he has not said.

The White House is drafting two separate State of the Union Addresses, ABC News reports. One if he delivers the Address in the House before Congress, which is increasingly unlikely. The other would be more of a political rally, not in D.C., and aimed at his base.

Trump appears to be planning for a greater confrontation between himself and Speaker Pelosi.

"Republicans are encouraging Trump to force Pelosi to officially disinvite him, by suggesting the president announce he still intends to deliver the State of the Union from the House chamber," ABC News adds.

"A senior administration official confirmed to ABC News that the White House has sent an email to the House Sergeant at Arms requesting a walkthrough of the chamber to prep for the State of the Union address. The White House is still moving forward as planned on the address as they wait to hear whether Pelosi is officially rescinding her invitation."



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