Top Trump Economic Advisor Calls Shutdown Affecting 800,000 Unpaid Federal Workers a ‘Glitch’

Larry Kudlow, one of President Donald Trump's top economic advisors and his Director of the National Economic Council, told Fox Business News Thursday afternoon that the shutdown affecting 800,000 federal workers who have not been paid in a month is just a "glitch."

Kudlow was bragging about what he described as a "continued, strong American economy."

Kudlow, himself a former CNBC host, also told reporters earlier Thursday the shutdown was just a glitch, a word he repeated several times.

“The moment, the nanosecond the government is ... reopened all these glitches will go away,” the White House press pool reports Kudlow saying.

“Yes soon as this thing goes, the switch will be turned on, the payments will be made, we’ll go back to normal, this is just a glitch,” Kudlow also said. “They’re going to get it back,” he said of federal workers who as of Friday will have gone a month without a paycheck.

Kudlow's stunningly out-of-touch remarks come barely a few hours after Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, also speaking to CNBC, said "I just don't quite understand" why federal workers, many of whom still are forced to come to work, have to turn to food banks to feed their families.

And on Wednesday Lara Trump, who serves as a campaign adviser to President Trump and is married to Trump's son Eric, said federal workers are just going through "a little bit of pain." She added that It's "worth it," for the good of the country's future.

Thursday afternoon Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Secretary Ross' remarks as  a "let them eat cake kind of attitude."

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