Federal Prosecutors’ Michael Cohen Filings Make Clear Trump ‘Committed a Felony’


'They've Concluded the President Committed a Crime, and They Have Hard Evidence to Prove It'

In separate sentencing memo filings for former Trump attorney Michael Cohen it's clear that Donald Trump committed a crime, a felony. If he were not currently the President he might be charged with federal crimes right now. In fact, it's possible the only reason he has not been is an existing Dept. of Justice policy – not law – that the President not be charged while in office.

Here's a sampling of what legal experts are saying after reading the memos from federal prosecutors at the Southern District of New York and from federal prosecutors in the Robert Mueller probe.

Former Acting Solicitor General of United States:

Former federal prosecutor:

MSNBC Justice & Security Analyst, former DOJ spokesperson:

Noted Professor of Law and Political Science at UC Irvine:

On "Meet the Press" minutes ago political analyst (not legal expert) Cornell Belcher summed it up:



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