Comey Reaches Agreement, Will Be Able Testify After All


Former FBI Director James Comey announced via Twitter this Sunday that he has reached an agreement that will allow him present a private deposition with House Republicans.

Comey was served a subpoena last month to testify privately before congress into his actions during the 2016 campaign, but vowed to fight, demanding that his testimony be public.

Now, Comey will still be interviewed, but will receive a transcript of his testimony. He will them be free to make that transcript public should he wish to. An FBI representative will also be on hand to provide advice on the disclosure of testimony pertinent to the organization.

Due to the agreement, the House Judiciary Committee will withdraw its subpoena, and Comey will end his motion against it.

The testimony is part of investigations into the handling of probes into Hilary Clinton's email use and Russian interference in 2016, and will likely be the last of such investigations once democrats take power in January.

This would be a last-ditch effort by the committee, under Republican Chairman Bob Goodlatte, to seek to potentially damage Comey's reputation and protect the President.

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