Desperate, Trump Retweets Totally False Claim About ‘Illegals’

A desperate President Donald Trump, reportedly depressed and despondent in recent weeks, once again took to Twitter Wednesday morning. In a once-frequent stunt he retweeted a fan account's false claim about undocumented immigrants.

The claim is based on a meme, also false, about refugees in Canada, according to Snopes. That claim, liked by nearly 90,000 on Facebook in just five weeks, says, ""Illegal refugees get $3,874/mo. Under the Federal Assistance Program. Our SS checks are approximately $1,200/mo."

Here's the tweet President Trump just retweeted:

Contrary to the false claim in the tweet, undocumented immigrants are not able to receive any federal government assistance. Many, despite that, pay taxes which amount to billions of dollars a year, but are never able to access those benefits, even years later.

That Trump fan account lists a Patreon account, which allows supporters to donate to their spread of false information.

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