New Suspicious Package Sent to CNN

A new suspicious package has been sent to CNN. It was intercepted at an Atlanta mail facility. This is the third suspicious package sent to the cable news organization in less than a week. The two sent last week were pipe bombs. The contents of this latest package are not yet known.

CNN President Jeff Zucker in a statement says that since Wednesday all mail addressed to any CNN domestic bureau is being screen at off-site facilities. He added that there is no immediate danger.

Just hours ago President Trump called the media the "true enemy of the people," words that echo those spoken by dictators, especially in the last century.

"Twentieth-century dictators—notably, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao—had all denounced their critics, especially the press, as 'enemies of the people.' Their goal was to delegitimize the work of the press as 'fake news' and create confusion in the public mind about what’s real and what isn’t; what can be trusted and what can’t be," writes Marvin Kalb in his book, "Enemy of the People."

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