Man Arrested in Connection With Pipe Bombs Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

Cesar Sayoc Jr., a 56-year old man living in Aventura, Florida, is the suspect law enforcement officials have arrested in connection with the 12 pipe bombs sent to top Democrats, according to MSNBC.

NY1 investigative reporter Myles Miller reports this is his photo, and MSNBC has also shown this as his photo, from a previous arrest: reports he is a registered Republican.

"The man has been known to make prior threats, including against judges, Fox News reports. Fox News reported that authorities had been watching the man for the past 24 hours," Heavy reports.

A van connected to the pipe bombs, possibly Sayoc's was impounded in the past hour. It was covered with images of President Donald Trump and Republican paraphernalia, according to multiple reports.

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