China, if You’re Listening: Chinese Spies Are Listening to Trump’s Calls and He Just Doesn’t Care

American intelligence agencies and White House aides have repeatedly warned President Donald Trump that Chinese spies are listening to his unsecure phone calls via his iPhone, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

“Trump’s use of his iPhones was detailed by several current and former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity so they could discuss classified intelligence and sensitive security arrangements,” The Times explained. “The officials said they were doing so not to undermine Mr. Trump, but out of frustration with what they considered the president’s casual approach to electronic security.”

“In what amounts to a marriage of lobbying and espionage, the Chinese have pieced together a list of the people with whom Mr. Trump regularly speaks in hopes of using them to influence the president,” officials told The Times. “The Chinese have identified friends of both men and others among the president’s regulars, and are now relying on Chinese businessmen and others with ties to Beijing to feed arguments to the friends of the Trump friends.”

Among those targeted are Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn and Blackstone Group CEO Stephen A Schwarzman.

A former official told The Times that Russia is not believed to be running as sophisticated of an operation, since Russia President Vladimir Putin is so respected by the American president.

Image: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

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