Fox Guest Compares Kaepernick Kneeling to 9/11

A guest on Fox Business is comparing Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players silently protesting police killings of Black people to 9/11, and he did so Monday, just one day before the 17th anniversary of the attacks on America that killed nearly 3000 people.

Former NFL player Burgess Owens (photo, right), who has written two books attacking the left, told Fox host Stuart Varney that America is being assaulted by the left, and the attacks are like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Owens went one step further, claiming that "leftist globalists" were behind the 9/11 and Pearl Harbor attacks.

"We now just have Nike, for instance, just joining the fray," Owens told Varney, as Media Matters reports. "And, as we see a little bit less, probably, of the kneeling, we're going to still see the narrative by Nike, and that is a Marxist who's going to be the face in commercials in NFL games from this point moving on."

NCRM could find no evidence Kaepernick is a Marxist, although this is not the first time Owens has called him one.

"We have to look at the bigger picture and understand in America that we're under assault," Owens continued, with zero pushback from Varney.

"It's like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, we're being assaulted by the left," Owens falsely added. "And we need to understand who they are. They're globalists, and they're leftist globalists. The worst thing that can happen to our country is to let them get away with it and not understand what their long game is. It's not American, it's not about patriotism. It's profit and politics for them."



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