Stonewall Mountain: a monument to terrorism, or a “happy place?”

A Van Jones segment featured two riders with very different opinions.

On his Saturday CNN show, Van Jones has a segment in which he brings several people with divergent political opinions on a ride in a minivan.

On this week's segment, Jones took a group of two White Trump supporters and one black Democrat on a ride through Atlanta.

At one point they passed by Stone Mountain, site of a notorious Confederate memorial.

"The etching, in stone, is a monument to domestic terrorism," said the Democrat.

"That makes me so sad because I don't identify with it that way," she a white woman who supported Trump in 2016. "Coming here, I think of all the times with my father, my family -- so this seems like a happy place. To hear that it's hurtful to you -- it makes me sad that that's the impact it has on you, but this is a place where I have really happy memories."

The Trump supporter began crying and the Democrat said she would give her a hug if they weren't in a moving car.

But she also didn't back down on the memorial being racist and hurtful.

"The KKK rallied were here for a reason," she said.

Watch below.


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