Multi-Millionaire Tomi Lahren: Homelessness Is a ‘Choice’


Lahren Says The Victims of Homelessness Are Those With Homes

Tomi Lahren doesn't have a degree in urban planning or social welfare but she does have the guts to opine on a major problem in the United States: homelessness.

Lahren, a right wing political commentator who lives in Los Angeles, has a lucrative Fox News contract and an estimated net worth of $3 million, has been  attacking San Francisco for a week. Thursday night she went after the City by the Bay once again.

San Francisco, Lahren says, is "awash" with human waste, used syringe needles, and homeless people.

"I recently visited San Francisco, and was shocked to see the number of people sprawled out on the sidewalks - many either sleeping, or passed out drunk, in broad daylight, in front of designer stores and swanky restaurants - families and children all around," Lahren told her Fox News viewers. "Believe me when I say it was absolutely disgusting. But also dangerous. Getting accidentally stuck by a used needle can cause diseases like HIV, or Hepatitis B and C."

Lahren calls San Francisco "a city of rich tech gurus on one side, and the homeless underclass on the other."

"Here’s another problem," she continues. "Some of the people on the streets aren’t just down-on-their-luck homeless," she says, mocking them by swinging her arm in an "aw shucks" manner. "They’re ex-cons!"

Lahren rattles off a litany of local laws passed over the last seven years, revealing her desire to have anyone who's committed any crime, even non-violent ones, sent to and kept in jail.

"It’s hard to imagine how this didn’t send even more people onto the streets," she says, outraged that people who committed non-violent crimes that were deemed to not rise to the level of a felony be released early from prison.

"So homelessness for some has become a choice in California - one that hard-working residents have to simply put up with," Lahren, condescendingly, and illogically, announces.

Let's take another look at that. Lahren is actually saying the homeless choose to be homeless. And the victims of homelessness – frequently women who are victims of domestic abuse – are not those who are without a home, the victims are the people who have homes, she says.

"San Francisco’s liberal paradise is - and has been - run by Democratic mayors for more than 50 years. One of those Democrats, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, may well be the state’s next governor," she cries.

Lahren rightly notes that the city is one of the most expensive in the nation, but when it comes to homelessness, Lahren sees it not as a problem that deserves action or empathy, but a cudgel with which to attack Democrats.

"Now, I’m not saying Democrats cause homelessness. But it would seem their policies certainly don’t help solve it."

Someone should let Lahren know that homelessness is not a choice. In fact, some experts say 25 recent of those who are homeless are employed, while others say "40 and 60 percent of the homeless population floats in and out of full-time and part-time work."

The problem is often that, as Lahren notes, the cost of housing in San Francisco is astronomical.

So, raising the minimum wage might help?

Lahren is against raising the minimum wage:

To Lahren, people who are homeless don't deserve her respect or caring – they are not people at all.

Lahren is very comfortable being a "grenade thrower" – tossing a bomb and running away, taking no responsibility to help solve a problem. But to be charitable, let's give her the benefit if the doubt: Perhaps she quietly has been donating to help the homeless.



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