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Alt-Right Embracing Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Mocks McCain’s Death in Tweet About Cancer



Dr. Kelli Ward, a former Republican state lawmaker in the race to take retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s seat late Monday morning posted a tweet apparently mocking the death of the late Senator John McCain.

“Political correctness is like a cancer!” Ward tweeted, literally less than 48 hours after Senator McCain passed away from brain cancer.

Last week Ward had complained that McCain timed the announcement that he was ending treatment for brain cancer late last week to coincide with the start of her campaign’s bus tour, thus hurting her campaign. Ward challenged McCain in the 2016 GOP primary, but lost to him by double-digits.

While Ward claims she is not part of the alt-right, she has embraced some of its leaders, including provocateur and “PizzaGate” promoter Mike Cernovich, whom she campaigned with last week. She once embraced neo-Nazi and white supremacist Republican candidate Paul Nehlen, before distancing herself from him later.

And she has been endorsed by Rand Paul, who is becoming increasingly pro-Russia.

“Cernovich’s promotion of violent misogyny and defense of rape were the drivers of his rise to public view,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reports. According to the SPLC, Cernovich has written, “diversity is code for white genocide,” and this:

“Next time, don’t settle for the make out. If possible, at least pull out your dick. If you can get her to touch it, even better. If not, just let her know that your cock is too swollen to go back into your jeans, and that, ‘either you’re taking care of this, or I am.’ Masturbating will set your anchor nearer the desired destination – pussy [s]port.”
—“When in Doubt, Whip it Out,”, February 2012

Ward was blasted on social media for her tweet mocking the late Arizona Republican Senator and war hero.



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Trump Nominates Far Right ‘Fish-Oil Salesman’ Accused of Ties to Neo-Nazi Extremists to National Security Education Board



He’s been called a “fish-oil salesman,” a “terrible scholar,” and a “fake terrorism expert,” and has been accused of having ties to a neo-Nazi group but on Tuesday President Donald Trump nominated Sebastian Gorka to become a member of the prestigious National Security Education Board. The term is for four years.

Gorka, supposedly a “counterterrorism adviser,” spent about seven months as part of the nascent Trump administration, serving as a Deputy Assistant to the President and Strategist but ultimately “was unable to get clearance for the National Security Council,” the AP reported in May of 2017.

While working in the Trump White House Foreign Policy published an article titled, “Sebastian Gorka May Be a Far-Right Nativist, but for Sure He’s a Terrible Scholar.” That makes it challenging to defend placing Gorka on the National Security Education Board, which have “Cabinet-level” status, according to its own website.

Board members “include experts from non-profit organizations and academia,” and currently “include representatives from the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, The National Endowment for the Humanities, and The Office of the Director of National Intelligence.”

Gorka has achieved no similar status.

A a British-born Hungarian-American, Sebastian Gorka “attended the president’s Jan. 20 Inaugural Ball wearing the honorary medal of Hungarian nationalist organization Vitezi Rend,” NBC News reported in 2017.

During World War II “the State Department listed Vitezi Rend among a group of ‘organizations under the direction of the Nazi government of Germany.’ And Horthy, its founder, once said that ‘I have always been an anti-Semite throughout my life,’ according to ‘The Jews of Hungary,’ a 1995 book by Hungarian-Jewish historian Raphael Patai.”

Gorka was a Fox News contributor after finally leaving the White House in August of 2017, and later became a Salem Radio host.

Just before he left the White House Rolling Stone reported, “Gorka’s a former Breitbart editor with Islamophobic views and ties to neo-Nazi extremists – and he has the ear of the president.”

Also just before he left CNN aired this devastating report on Gorka:

Today Gorka tweeted he is hosting the Trump campaign’s  bigoted anti-LGBTQ attorney on his show.




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Top Trump White Nationalist Stephen Miller Just Won a Major Battle Against Immigrants – Legal Immigrants



Senior Advisor to the President Stephen Miller has just won a major battle against immigrants in the United States – legal immigrants. After tremendous pressure on the Department of Homeland Security, Miller is advancing his agenda of not just blocking migrants from entering the country illegally, but making life in the U.S. so unbearable for legal immigrants that they leave the country.

The AP calls it one of the Trump administration’s “most aggressive efforts to restrict legal immigration.”

Under a new rule the Dept. of Homeland Security will begin in October to deny green cards to immigrants who have ever used taxpayer-funded assistance, such as food stamps, Medicaid, health care, prescription drug subsidies, or Section 8 housing vouchers. Additionally, the rule allows DHS to deny green cards to any immigrant who cannot prove in the future they would not access government benefits, as NBC News reports.

Miller, who has been credibly called a white nationalist, pressured DHS to pass the new rule – called a “public charge” regulation – and do it quickly. The new rule would allow the Trump administration to reinterpret a 1999 law to specify what government assistance programs can or can not be used by immigrants.

Politico earlier this month published a report after having obtained emails that “shed new light on how aggressively Miller has pressured the Department of Homeland Security to move faster on regulations to limit immigration. Critics say the new rule will be used to shore up Trump’s political base in the coming election year, and that it’s an illegitimate tool to reduce legal immigration.”

Miller wrote in April that the “timeline on public charge is unacceptable.”

“The public charge reg has been in the works for a year and a half. This is time we don’t have. I don’t care what you need to do to finish it on time. You run an agency of 20,000 people.”

“It’s an embarrassment that we’ve been here for 18 months and USCIS hasn’t published a single major reg,” Miller barked.

Studies show some immigrants who do not fully understand the new rule will choose to un-enroll from vital government assistance programs in the hope of protecting their immigration status. That means taking food, health care, and housing away from families, including those with young children.


Trump Alt-Right Aide Stephen Miller Behind ‘Simple Decision’ to Rip Migrant Children From Parents

Stephen Miller’s Uncle Compares His Nephew and Trump to Nazis – and Reminds Him He’s Jewish Too

Stephen Miller’s New Policy Would Make Thousands of US Citizen Children Homeless – Over One Parent’s Immigration Status


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Neo-Nazis Hit Democratic Candidate for Governor With Racist Robocall: ‘I Is the Negro Andrew Gillum’



Neo-Nazis based in Idaho are once again targeting Florida voters with a racist robocall attacking Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum.

The Huffington Post reports that the call features a voice actor who pretends to be Gillum and who spews racist stereotypes about black people.

“Well hello there, I is the negro Andrew Gillum, and I be asking you to make me governor of this here state of Florida,” the call begins. “My esteemed opponent, who done called me a monkey, is doing a lot of hollering about how expensive my plans for health care be.”

The ad also features sound effects of a monkey squealing in the background.

A disclaimer at the end of the robocall says that it was funded by Road to Power, an anti-Semitic, white supremacist website and podcast linked to Scott Rhodes of Sandpoint, Idaho.

Gillum’s campaign lambasted the robocall in a statement to the Huffington Post.

“These disgusting, abhorrent robocalls represent a continuation of the ugliest, most divisive campaign in Florida’s history,” said Gillum spokesman Geoff Burgan. “We would hope that these calls, and the dangerous people who are behind them, are not given anymore attention than they already have been.”

Gillum, who won widespread praise for his debate performance against Trump-loving Republican Ron DeSantis this week, has consistently held a lead in polls of the Florida gubernatorial race, and currently holds a lead of just under five points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Listen to the racist call below.


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