BFFs Obama and Biden Grab Lunch in Georgetown

Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden dropped into Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown for lunch on Monday, July 30, 2018. Photo: Dog Tag Bakery/Twitter
So, the cutest thing happened Monday in Georgetown. Former White House dynamic duo Barack Obama and Joe Biden met for lunch. It was epic.

The besties surprised onlookers by standing in line together at Dog Tag Bakery. The nonprofit bakery is known for teaching veterans, military spouses and caregivers how to operate in business.

The owner of the shop had a feeling something big was about to go down when Secret Service asked to speak with her privately.

The Washington Post reported that Dog Tag Bakery owner Meghan Ogilvie was informed that the former president and vice president wanted to stop by - and she literally had six minutes to prepare.

“I’m a little bit awestruck,” Ogilvie said.

She made sure all 13 of the nonprofit’s fellows were present to have their special moment with the adorable BFFs.

“They shook every fellow’s hand, hugged them and listened to their stories. It was just a phenomenal scene," Ogilvie said.

All in all, the two distinguished gentlemen stayed and chatted for about 10 minutes.

Obama joked "Joe's paying," before they grabbed their meals, which included a fennel salad.

A pair of matching SUVs whisked the two buddies away following their impromptu lunch date. Because what else could you expect to happen?

“It was really just such an uplifting moment for everybody,” Ogilvie said.

#stillmypresident Look who stopped into #dogtagbakery today! ❤❤❤

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Check out this dude.

Vice President Barack Obama has a nice ring to it.

Would you go for it?

Biden might. He's considering a possible run for POTUS.

“I know I have to make up my mind and I have to do it by January,” Biden said recently during a forum in Bogota, Colombia.

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