Trump Falsely Tells America the Nuclear Threat From North Korea Is Over

President Donald Trump just revealed to America his reason for traveling to meet with Kim Jong-un. It was so he could claim a tremendous victory, at little cost to him.

Early Wednesday morning, hours after returning from his Singapore summit with the North Korean murderous despot, Trump announced – falsely – that the nuclear threat from North Korea is over.

It cannot be understated just how false this claim is.

Aside from thinking he's made a new BFF, nothing, absolutely nothing has changed.

Kim Jong-un still has nuclear weapons. There is no actual plan from a third party to locate and inventory them, to quantify how many and of what strength there are. There is no plan to dismantle and deactivate them. There is no plan to destroy them. There is no plan to send the fissile materials anywhere.

All Trump has going on is that he thinks he made a new friend. And as we all know, Trump's relationships don't last long.



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