‘God Is a Capitalist’: Preacher Holding Trump Cabinet Weekly Bible Studies Promotes Christian Extremism


"The government’s job is to 'quell evil'." "Entitlement programs have no 'biblical authority'."

Ralph Drollinger's own ministry declared him "not biblically qualified for spiritual leadership." And yet, he leads the Trump Cabinet's weekly Bible study group, organized by Vice President Pence and faithfully attended by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, among others.

Right Wing Watch's Peter Montgomery on Thursday reports "Drollinger’s Capitol Ministries is dedicated to teaching public officials a very conservative take on the Bible. Drollinger teaches that 'the absolutely critical preeminent duty of the Church in an institutionally separated society' is 'to convert the soul and disciple—Christianize—the leaders of the State and its citizenry.'"

Montgomery reveals some of the positions Drollinger is teaching his disciples in the Trump White House. Direct from Right Wing Watch:

Secretary Rick Perry earlier this year explained the weekly meetings:

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