Trump Expected to Fire Another Cabinet Secretary


Trump Could Move Rick Perry to Another Position for Which He Is Unqualified

President Donald Trump stunned the nation and the world Tuesday morning, firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via a tweet. The New York Times and CNN are reporting Trump is not done. Embattled Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin is likely to be the next high ranking administration official to be fired.

"Trump has eyed Energy Secretary Rick Perry as a possible replacement," CNN reports. 

"Perry has no background in health care delivery, but as Texas' governor, he showed a willingness to experiment," is how The New York Times described his appropriateness for the position of Veterans Affairs Secretary. Perry was also unqualified to be Secretary of Energy, a job that deals with nuclear energy and its disposal. Perry's immediate predecessor under the Obama administration was a nuclear physicist.

Possible replacements for Energy Secretary show Trump also is unfamiliar with the responsibilities of the Energy Secretary. Should Perry move to the VA, Trump's possible choices include a GOP fundraiser, a former energy company chairman, and a Texas oilman. 

Shulkin, like many Trump administration officials, has been embroiled in scandal. Last month it was revealed he improperly accepted tickets to an overseas sporting event, then used his office staff to schedule a 10-day trip around the event, invited his wife and co-workers, and a security detail. Half the trip was sightseeing. When it was over he had cost taxpayers over $120,000, NCRM reported.

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